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Maintenance - July 18th
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Maintenance - July 18th



Dear Onmyoji,

To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update from July 18th 2:00 to July 18th 5:00 EST. During this time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.

NOTE: For your better experience, the entrance to Events has now been moved from the Ema Stand to the Jizo Statue in your Courtyard. The events are now categorized, please check them there.


----Updates Include----


1. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru will be arriving in Heian-Kyo as the limited time only SSRs!


Time: After the update on July 18th – July 31st 23:59 EST

During the event, summon with Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets for a chance to get Inuyasha / Sesshomaru shards!


Time: After the update on July 18th – July 24th 23:59 EST

Clearing Inuyasha / Sesshomaru's Demon Seal can also acquire their shards.


Collect 50 shards to summon the limited time only SSRs Inuyasha or Sesshomaru!



- This is the first of 3 chances you'll have to acquire Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, both limited time only SSRs!

- During the event, after clearing Exploration Zones, players have a chance of encountering Inuyasha or Sesshomaru's Demon Seal. After clearing this Demon Seal, players have a chance to acquire 1 Inuyasha or Sesshomaru shard. (maximum of 1 shard each per day)

- Inuyasha and Sesshomaru can only be acquired through collecting shards. They cannot be summoned!

- Players Lvl 40 or higher can wish for and donate Inuyasha and Sesshomaru shards in the guild interface.

- All players Lvl 15 or higher can collect shards to get Inuyasha and Sesshomaru.

- Inuyasha and Sesshomaru will not be included in the Shikigami collection.

- When summoning with Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets, players can choose whether to aim for Inuyasha or Sesshomaru shards. The chances of obtaining Inuyasha / Sesshomaru's shards are individually calculated for each summons and do not affect one another.


2. Reunion in Heian-Kyo!


Time to get together with your friends in this Heian World!


Time: After the update on July 18th – July 31st 23:59 EST

During the event, players who meet the following requirements login the game will get the come-back rewards!

(1). Players who have not logged in for 7 days or above.
(2). Players Lvl 15 or above.


*The Special Reunion Event!


Time: July 19th 00:00 – July 31st 23:59 EST

During the event, completing Daily Quests every day will grant you one more Mystery Amulet!


Dear Onmyoji, please pay a visit to Heian-Kyo and get the limited time only characters Inuyasha and Sesshomaru!

3. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru in Royal Battle!


After the update on 18th, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru will be in Royal Battle, you can try them out there! Participate and have a taste of their power for yourself!

4. The Enraged Kraken Strikes Back!


After the update on July 18th, the familiar Kraken will be replaced by Enraged Kraken on every weekend. The Enraged Kraken is very angry and very powerful! Please be careful when challenging it!


5. Daruma Wishes Event

Never having enough Daruma? Here's your chance!

Time: After the update on July 18th – Aug 7th 23:59 EST

During the event, players clearing Evo Zone, Soul Zone or Wanted Quest will have a chance to obtain different types of Daruma Cards. Players can redeem different Darumas by spending Daruma Cards.

Note: Daruma Cards are only valid during this event, and will become void once the event ends.

Get ready for the Daruma rush!


6. New Skin on Sale!

New skin of Shuten Doji: A Song of Wine and Aobozu: Moonlit Monk will be available at the skin store after the update. This skin will be 20% off for the first week only!

7. Inuyasha's Packs on Sale!


-Inuyasha Summon Pack I (price: 50 S-Jade)

(1). Base Daruma x3

(2). Daily rewards for 7 days: Mystery Amulet x1, Coin x10,000


- Inuyasha Summon Pack II (price: 350 S-Jade)

(1). Grade Daruma x3, Mystery Amulet x5

(2). Daily rewards for 14 days: Mystery Amulet x1, Coin x50,000


- Inuyasha Summon Pack III (price: 850 S-Jade)

(1). Grade 3 Grade Daruma x3, Mystery Amulet x10

(2). Daily rewards for 14 days: Mystery Amulet x2, Coin x50,000, EXP Daruma x1, Skill Daruma Shard x2


- Inuyasha Summon Pack IV (price: 1200 S-Jade)

Pack contains:

Mystery Amulet x42, Coin x200,000, Grade 4 Grade Base x3, Jade x1200, Skill Daruma x1


----Optimizations and Bugs Fixed----


1. Fixed language and technical bugs.

2. Optimized the Soul page and its features for easier operation.

3. Yoto Hime's Savage Combo is now smarter under auto mode. Yoto Hime will now start attacking the enemy with the lowest proportion of HP when she uses the skill.

4. Guild leaders and officers can now kick more members out of their guilds.

5. The results of the Netherworld Gate now come out later. Players who are still challenging the Netherworld Gate at 21:00 will receive their results at 22:00.

6. The number of birds used when Hana tries to negate Enma's Spirit Crush and Mimic's controlling effect is now corrected.

7. Fixed an issue that prevented the game from showing the damage to enemies when rotating the view while Yao Bikuni uses Starlight Shower.

8. Improvements to Enenra's Ghostly Shield: After evolution, the effect of having the smoke ghost eating the target is now triggered when Enenra attacks rather than when dealing damage. After this improvement, the effect can be triggered even when Enenra's damage is absorbed.

9. Fixed an issued that caused a revived ally, after being revived by Momo, to be connected to Shuzu's Water Circuit automatically when the opposing Lord Arakawa swallows the Water Circuit's effect from Shuzu on another connected ally.

10. Fixed issues that prevented Mannendake from launching counter-attacks when being attacked by units affected by Afterlife, and when being attacked by the Nagas in the Secret Zone (Speed/Strategy).

11. The debuff from Warrior Soul's Soul Slash is now separated into two independent debuffs (Heal Down and Effect HIT Down). Fixed the description of Soul Slash's cooldown duration. The actual cooldown duration is 2 turns.