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Maintenance - August 15th
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Maintenance - August 15th



Dear Onmyoji,


To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update from August 15th 2:00 to August 15th 5:00 EST. During this time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.


----Updates Include----


1. New Shikigami Bukkuman is coming!


"So you see, not all the rumors you hear in this world are true."


Bukkuman (VA: Masaya Onosaka) is coming to Onmyoji!


After the update on August 15th, Bukkuman can be summoned with Mystery Amulets, AR Amulets or Jade.


2. New Event "The Spitz Puppy" Arrived!


Event time:  Aug. 15th after update to Sept. 3rd 23:59 EST


After the update on Aug. 15th, the Onmyoji whose level is not less than 20 will receive the exclusive pet food "Exquisite Bones" as a login bonus every day. Using "Exquisite Bones" will have a 100% chance to attract 2 adorable Spitz Puppies to your courtyard.


Players also have a chance of attracting a Spitz Puppy using normal Bones.

Adopting a Spitz Puppy during the event period to receive an exclusive accessory "Pink Sakura"!


3. New Features Added to the Pet System


Food Plate

- Onmyoji who owns at least 4 pets can unlock this feature.

- Players can feed all the pets at the same time. Pets' with Satisfaction of over 70 will not be fed using this feature.

- The AP cost of Food Plate is the same as normal feeding, but it will cost the player an additional 1,000 coins to use this feature.


Large Toy

- Onmyoji who owns at least 4 pets can unlock this feature.

- Players can play with all the pets at the same time and increase their Happiness up to 100. Pets with Happiness equal to or higher than 100 will not increase any further.

- Compared to normal playing, it will cost the player an additional 1,000 coins to use this feature.


4. Boss Souls Make Their Debut


The arrival of Demon Bosses has greatly threatened this world. Thanks to onmyoji fighting back together, Heian-Kyo is kept in relative peace.


After the update on August 15th, you can acquire Boss Souls as follows:

- Onmyoji who defeat the bosses in Demon Encounter will receive the respective Boss Souls as a reward.

- Aside from Boss Souls, players who have already cleared soul zone 8 will also receive a new item "Demon Soul". Collect 50 Demon Souls to exchange for a Boss Soul Box from the Mystic Trader, which grants the player a Boss Soul (type and slot) of his/her choice.

- Onmyoji can also purchase Boss Souls directly from the Soul Shop.


Boss Souls are especially effective against Assembly Bosses! With these souls, onmyoji will have a bigger advantage in the fight against these bosses.


Also, onmyoji can unlock the Boss Collection to view the background story of the bosses! And new marks for these bosses unlocked! Try to challenge and get them all!


5. New Secret Zone "Aoandon Tales" Added!


A challenge from Aoandon ! In Secret Zone "Aoandon Tales", clear the zone to earn gorgeous rewards, including the Aoandon's Skin "Tales Teller", Mystery Amulet, Grade Daruma, Skill Daruma, and more!


The book of All Tales has been opened, with the ghost stories being told one by one. Don’t get too indulged though, because if you finish hearing all 100 stories, it is rumored something will happen...


6. Cyan Imp materials are available!


After the update, Cyan Imp materials are available to feed your souls! These materials can be obtained via buying packs in Mall or events in the near future.


7. New Skin on Sale!


New skin of Enenra: Hanabi Nights and Kamikui: Leisurely Summer will be available at the skin store after the update. This skin will be 20% off for the first week only!


8. New Packs on Sale!


Spitz Reward (price: 50 S-Jade)

Pack contains:

Spitz Puppy Frame x1, AR Amulet x3,  Paw Coin x20, Exquisite Bones x1, Coin x10,000


Cyan IMP will help you be stronger!


- Cyan IMP Pack I (price: 350 S-Jade)

Pack contains:

Mystery Amulet x10,  Coin x50,000, G4 Cyan IMP x10,  Jade x500


- Cyan IMP Pack II  (price: 850 S-Jade)

Pack contains:

Mystery Amulet x24,  Coin x100,000, G5 Cyan IMP x15,  Jade x850


- Cyan IMP Pack III  (price: 1600 S-Jade)

Pack contains:

Mystery Amulet x42,  Coin x200,000, G6 Cyan IMP x10,  G5 Cyan IMP x20,  Jade x1200, Skill Daruma x1



----Experience Improvements----


1. The effect of Tesso's Insurance Policy that "grants an 8% coin bonus" has now been changed to: As long as any player has an evolved Tesso deployed, the whole team will experience the effect.

2. Added a feature that allows players to sort frames by type to help players view and choose frames.

3. When challenging Netherworld Gate in solo mode, if players quit the battle during the battle preparation in the first wave, no daily attempts will be used up.

4. Optimized expiration notification when entrusting to another player's realm. If your entrusting expires when you're not in a guild, no expiration notification will be shown until you have joined a new guild.

5. Optimized status refresh rate for entrusting to a friend's realm. The realm cards players see in their friends' realms are now an exact match for the ones they see in their own realms.

6. Optimized Soul Index interface: Added info on where players can obtain the Souls they've collected.

7. Players can now lock/abandon Souls when configuring Soul profiles.

8. In the Shikigami interface, the Soul preview under each shikigami's name now shows the icon of the Soul set currently equipped on them.

9. Optimized pet feature. After using Food Plate and Large Toy, if the reward requirements are met, all rewards will be displayed to players in one interface, saving the trouble of claiming them one by one.

10. Optimized shikigami selection UI in Backyard. Added rarity sorting, helping players to find the one they want.

11. Optimized buff enabling. If players claim a buff when they don't have one, the buff will be disabled by default.

12. Optimized battle report positioning in a Demon Encounter battle and how the number of guildmates is calculated. Players themselves are no longer counted as one of their guildmates.

13. When players have Jade available to purchase an AR Treasure in Demon Encounter, the quantity of Jade is now displayed.

14. Optimized the default lineup for trying to challenge a mysterious realm in Demon Encounter. The default lineup will now be the one used the last time the players challenged a mysterious realm.

15. Added a feature that allows players to check their own info when configuring the lineup in duel. Players can now check the tiers, scores, rankings, and favorites lineup.

16. Added a guild progress bar in the guild management interface.

17. Added notifications about when the cooldown is refreshed for weekly limited items in Feat Shop in the players' guilds and the General Shop.

18. Added bulk purchase feature when purchasing a Feat Pack in Feat Shop in the players' guilds.

19. Players can now save and share the replay of their Area Boss challenges when they've successfully challenged an Area Boss of difficulty level at least 40.

20. Optimized event notification for Boss Attack in Hunt. When Boss Attack is enabled by your guild, an event notification will be shown above the Jizo Statue on the left of your courtyard, to avoid inconsistencies between the notification time and the event time.

21. Optimized the co-op Wanted quest invite pop-up rules. Invite pop-ups no longer disappear when switching to a new interface.

22. The medal icon in the individual Realm Raid interface now has a "Weekly" sign on it.

23. Optimized team creation rules in the Team interface. Added guides to Zones where players cannot create teams to make a direct challenge.


----Fixed Issues----


1. Fixed language and technical bugs.

2. Fixed issues that caused some Area Bosses to show an incorrect KO count.

3. Fixed issues that caused the paper dolls in the Demon Encounter boss fights to still have the effects of Mimic and Soultaker.

4. Fixed issues that prevented Kagura from ending her skill poses early when equipped with some of the skins.

5. Fixed an issue in the Namazu challenges where the avatars in the battle reported overlap with the battlefield info messages.

6. Fixed an issue that caused two Ootengu models to sometimes appear on the screen when watching Chapter 18: The Way of the Onmyoji from Retrospect.

7. Fixed the lost lotus petal effects in Hana's Lotus Pond skin.

8. Adjusted the skill effect of Kusa's Healing Light: After her evolution, the effect of the Healing Dandelion mark she additionally grants that converts indirect damage to restored HP is now effective not only on the targets' own turns, but also affects the indirect damage (including Bukkuman's Heavenly Scroll or Curse) inflicted outside of their turns.