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Maintenance - September 12th
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Maintenance - September 12th



Dear Onmyoji,


To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update from September 12th 2:00 to September 12th 5:00 EST. During this time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.


----Updates Include----


The Onmyoji x Hozuki's Coolheadedness Crossover Event comes again!
Important! The Onmyoji x Hozuki's Coolheadedness Crossover Event series added from 2 phases to 3 phases! And this is the second one.


1. Hozuki comes back!


Event time: September 12th after update to September 18th 23:59 EST


Use Mystery Amulets, Jade, AR Amulets for a chance to get Hozuki shards! Collect 50 shards for your limited-edition SSR Hozuki! Besides, after clearing Exploration Zones, there's a chance you'll get to find and take on Hozuki's Demon Seal for more Hozuki shards. (1 shard max per day). Hozuki's Demon Seal is only available from September 12th after update to September 18th 23:59 EST. Time to seize the chance, Onmyoji!


Note: Hozuki can only be acquired through collecting shards. He cannot be summoned!


2. SR Oko is following to the stage!


Event time: September 12th after update to September 18th 23:59 EST


Use Mystery Amulets, Jade, AR Amulets for a chance to get Oko shards. Collect 40 shards for your limited-edition SR Oko!


Note: Oko can only be acquired through collecting shards. She cannot be summoned!


3. R Shikigami Peach Maki and Karashi are teaming up and come back again!


Event time: September 12th after update to September 19th 2:00 EST


During the event, R Shikigami Maki& Karashi is available in Shrine (200 Talismans).


4. Oko's limited-edition skin, "Venomous Jailer" and Peach Maki & Karashi's limited-edition skin "Peaches & Cream" are coming!


- Onmyoji will be able to obtain shards of Oko's exclusive skin "Venomous Jailer" and Peach Maki & Karashi's exclusive skin "Peaches & Cream" by challenging the assembly boss in Demon Encounter or clearing Hozuki's Demon Seal.  (3 shards max for each skin per day).
- Onmyoji will have a chance to purchase Oko's and Peach Maki & Karashi's skin shards from the Merchant after clearing Exploration
- During the event, collect 50 skin shards to obtain the corresponding limited skin from the skin store!


5. Take a rest in this ethereal realm!


The new realm skin "Fox's Dream Realm" will be available after the update, step within this restful realm and find your inner peace!


6. Autumn is now here in Heian-Kyo!


After the update on September 12th, the new courtyard skin "Autumn Maples" can be obtained by logging in for 100 days accumulatively! Onmyoji who have already logged in for more than 100 days accumulatively will be eligible to claim the skin in "Quests->Achv".


7.  It's Autumn Fest in Heian-Kyo!


Time: September 12th After the update to September 25th 11:59 PM EST


 During the event, win a battle in Exploration zones, Evo zones, Soul zones, Realm Raid or Duel and receive points. Besides, summoning with Broken Amulet, Mystery Amulet, and AR Amulet will gain points as well. Points can be exchanged for item rewards such as high grade Realm Card, Skin Token, AR Amulet, SSR Shikigami shards and more!


8. Kyoukotsu and Yamabiko are available to obtain!


After the update,  Kyoukotsu and Yamabiko can be obtained from Soul in Mall and at the Mystic Trader, Kyoukotsu and Yamabiko can also be obtained from Plain Soul Boxes and Exquisite Soul Boxes.


9. Limited Packs on Sale!


-Hozuki Weekend Pack (price: 80 S-Jade)
(1). G3 Grade Daruma x2
(2). Daily rewards for 3 days: Mystery Amulet x1


- Hozuki Summon Pack I  (price: 350 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x9, Base Daruma x5, Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x5, Jade x300


- Hozuki Summon Pack II (price: 850 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x24, Base Daruma x10, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10, Jade x850


- Hozuki Summon Pack III  (price: 1600 S-Jade)
Mystery Amulet x42, Grade 4 Grade Daruma x3, Grade 3 Grade Daruma x5, EXP Daruma x10, Jade x1000, Skill Daruma x1


----Skill Adjustments----


Hozuki's adjusted Full Control skill:


Grants a 20% chance to stun target for 1 turn when target deals damage. Attacks a random ally under a Control effect 2 times when this turn ends with each time dealing damage equal to 10% of his ATK and dispelling or removing all Control effects. Increases Move Bar by 30%.
Original evolved effect has not been changed: Launches critical attack to stunned targets.
This skill cannot be leveled up.


1. Increased the available Soul sets from 40 up to 100.
2. Optimized the Blacklist. You won't receive any team invites from players in your blacklist after the update.
3. Adjusted the rules of sending Friend Gift Bags. Players can now only send gift bags to friends using the same operating system.
4. Optimized the display of some information in the Guild interface and added different display statuses of the Supply button.
5. Optimized the effect of triggering a Shikigami Shard Zone by adding moving graphics and a red dot prompt and adjusted the rules shown in the zone guide interface.
6. Adjusted buttons including Sort Souls, Guild Search and Guild Merge in order to fit the game style.
7. Optimized the special effect of the Destined One mark.


----Fixed Bugs----

1. Fixed the issue that when you possess the same Froglet Shikigami, some Froglet Bios can't be unlocked.
2. Fixed the issue that under some conditions normal attack cant trigger the morph effect of Enenra's Ghostly Shield. Also fixed the issue that morph duration won't be stacked if the effect is triggered on the same target multiple times. (Normal attack can now trigger the morph effect and the effect triggered to the same target can now be stacked.)
3. Fixed the issue that when
Susabi is under a controlling effect, Stellar Field can't form its field.
4. Fixed the issue that if Higanbana triggers Counter while equipped with a Scarlet soul, Higanbana Sea effect will be reduced by 1 layer.
5. Fixed the issue that when Higanbana triggers Blood-soaked Flowers, it will trigger Komatsu's passive skill, Timid.