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Maintenance - December 26th
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Maintenance - December 26th


Dear Onmyoji,
To ensure a better game experience, we are performing an update from Dec. 26th 2:00 to Dec. 26th 6:00 EST. During this time you will not be able to log in. The duration time is an estimate and may be extended due to technical issues. We really appreciate your patience and understanding.
----Update Content----
1. As our first anniversary is coming! New SSR Shikigami Hakuzosu and SP Shikigami Jr. Ootengu will arrive in Heian-Kyo after the update on December 26th! Here are 5 summon events are scheduled to welcome them!
**The following summon events are only available for players who are level 15 or above.
Event Time: After the update on December 26th, 2018 – January 8th 2019, 23:59 EST
- SP/ SSR Shikigami Summon Chance Up
During the event, the summon rate of SP and SSR Shikigami will be 2.5 times the normal rate!
Note: Each one has 3 chances to summon SP/SSR Shikigami with the special chance-up rate. Afterwards, the rate will return back to normal.
- Uncollected SSR Shikigami
The first SSR Shikigami summoned during the event is guaranteed to be a Shikigami the player has not previously owned!
Note: This only affects SSR Shikigami and has no effect on the summon rate of SP Shikigami.
- All SSR Collected Reward
For players who complete the SSR collection before the update on December 26th, in addition to the SP/SSR Shikigami 2.5 times summon chance up, the summon rate for SP Shikigami Jr. Ootengu will become 15% during the event period!
  1. After a player has summoned their first SP Shikigami Jr. Ootengu during the event, the summon rate of SP Shikigami Jr. Ootengu will revert back to normal.
  2. Only Shikigami that are lit in the SSR Shikigami Collection will be counted (Ryomen excluded).
  3. SSR Collection does not include crossover characters including Medicine Seller, Hozuki, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Kikyo.
- End Your Unlucky Streak Project
During the event, players who do not obtain an SP or SSR Shikigami after performing 10 consecutive summons with Mystery Amulets, Jade, and AR amulets will receive 1 Mystery Amulet.
- All R Summon x10 Rewards
During the event, players who perform Summon x10 and receive all R Shikigami for the first time will receive a mystery reward.
Note: This only applies to Summon x10. Summon x1 do not count.
2.Memory Scroll: Hakuzosu
Event Time: After the update on December 26th, 2018 – January 15th, 2019, 23:59 EST
During the event, players can obtain scroll shards by participating in different in-game activities. Players can donate scroll shards to assist in repairing the Memory Scrolls. For every scroll shard donated, players will receive 1 random reward. After a memory scroll has been repaired, players can view the corresponding story and additional rewards will be given out to players according to their donation ranking. After all the Memory Scrolls have been repaired, players will no longer be able to obtain scroll shards or repair scrolls for this event.
3. Seimei New Skin: Power of Youth!
After the update on December 26th EST, witness Seimei in his youth with his new skin, “Power of Youth”! Players can obtain the skin “Power of Youth” after they have logged in for 365 days or by participating in the upcoming Hakuzosu memory scroll event!
4. Obtain SSR Shikigami from the Shrine!
Do you have a stock of talismans, but don't know what to spend it on? Exchange them for an SSR Shikigami in the shrine during this time-limited event!
Event Time:  After the update on December 26th, 2018 - January 8th, 2019, 23:59 EST
Available SSR Shikigami: Yoto Hime, Shishio, Hana, Aoandon, Ichimokuren, Enma
Cost: 6000 Talismans for 1 SSR Shikigami
Note: Players can only redeem 1 SSR Shikigami during the event.
5. Adopt the New Pet “Snowball”!
Time: After the update on December 26th, 2018 – January 8th 2019, 23:59 EST, purchase the 'Snowball Pack' to adopt Snowball!
6. Ebisu's Boutique
After the update on December 26th, 2018 until January 15th, 2019, 23:59 EST. Recharge to a certain amount to obtain bonus rewards, including "Dark Seimei" limited skin. For players who already have "Dark Seimei" limited skin, they will receive a "Lord of Kyoto" frame instead. Players who already have "Lord of Kyoto" frame will receive an upgraded Gold Daruma version "Lord of Kyoto" frame. For players who already have the Gold Daruma version "Lord of Kyoto" frame, they will receive 2 Boutique talismans instead, and will gain the right to enter the Boutique!
7. Reunion in Heian-Kyo!
Time to get together with your friends in this Heian World!
Time: After the update on December 26th, 2018 - January 8th, 2019, 23:59 EST

8. New Boss Nen is Approaching!
After the update on December 26th, get ready to challenge the new boss Nen! Players who clear Explore Zone will have a chance to encounter Nen. Team up! To defeat Nen and protect Heian-Kyo!

----Game Experience Improvements----
1. Improved Friends system, with remarks and searching feature added.
※ Players can now add remarks for their friends via "Remark" under the extended menu of their friends in the Friends system. This would facilitate players in find their friends after they changed their nicknames. Remarks appear in friends list, player pages, and the invitation list in some of the gameplays for players' easier communication.
※ Added friends searching feature in the "Friends" tab and the "Latest" tab in the Friends system. Players can open the searching box via the drop-down list when the list is at the top. Nicknames and remarks are both supported in searching to facilitate players in finding their friends.
2. When you accept a friend request, a message of greeting will be auto-send to the player so you can start chatting right away.
3. Improved the friend co-op shikigami rules when challenging the Ultimate Orochi zone in solo mode. When challenging the Ultimate Orochi zone in solo mode, players can now configure how many shikigami of their own and how many friend co-op shikigami they want to borrow freely.
Tips: Due to the change of rules, co-op shikigami borrowed in battle progress of the Ultimate Orochi zone saved within 4 hours prior to a maintenance cannot continue to be used when the battle resumes after the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.
4. Added voice for the bios in Boss Collection. Players can now listen to the bios in Boss Collection.
5. The souls Tree Nymph equipped on Hitotsume in the stage 1 of the Ultimate Orochi zone are now removed to avoid terrible game experience caused to players for starting the challenge multiple times.
6. Optimized the Verdict Boss icon size on the progress bar in duels so that it would not block the subsequent icons as much as before.
7. Shikigami entrusted or dispatched will have signs shown in the corner when they're deployed for battle or as spectators.
8. Optimized the guild raid battle result UI.
9. Optimized the Shrine to show more items.
10. Removed the storage limit of Demon Encounter souls.
----Fixed Issues----
1. Fixed a issue that caused the game to crash when trying to delete multiple emojis at a time.
2. Fixed an issue regarding the souls Scarlet and Dice Sprite. When a shikigami equipped with one of the souls are KO'd from taking damage while being sealed, the soul effect still triggers to launch counter-attack if they're revived by Hiyoribou's Nourishment. The soul effects no longer trigger after the update.
3. Added the missing entrance special effect of Higanbana when she's in her Pearly White skin.
4. Fixed an issue that caused the progress of the Ultimate Orochi zone in solo mode failed to load.
Tips: Battle progress of the Ultimate Orochi zone saved within 4 hours prior to a maintenance may cause the amount of progress save attempts to change after the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.
5. Fixed an issue that prevented players from accepting co-op Wanted quests when one of their co-op Wanted quests is cancelled.
6. Fixed the shikigami avatar spacing inconsistency in the default team.
----Shikigami Improvements----
Shikigami revamped: Sakura
Sakura's skills have been extensively revamped with new mechanics added.
Orb cost: 3
Effective exclusively.
If she's not inflicted with Morph, at the end of an ally's action, restores their HP by 6% of her max HP; at the end of a turn, restores their HP by 9% of her max HP. Also restores her own HP by 4% of her max HP.
Using the skill grants her a layer of Dance of Recovery stacking up to 4 layers and lasting 4 turns.
Dance of Recovery increases healing efficiency by 10%.
Lv. 2: Increases HP restored at the end of a turn to 10%.
Lv. 3: Increases the healing efficiency of Dance of Recovery to 25%.
Lv. 4: Increases HP restored at the end of a turn to 11%.
Lv. 5: Reduces orbs required to 2.
Designer's note:
We revamped Sakura's skills, adding effects when she uses her skills actively, while still keeping her original traits. Her skill Recovery can no longer be affected by Suppress and other similar effects besides Morph. Under most conditions, she can heal her allies. By using her skills actively, she can also increase her healing efficiency.
We're now allowing Sakura to increase her healing efficiency at the end of an ally's turn. By doing that, we believe players will no longer be troubled by the dilemma of whether they should increase her SPD or healing efficiency when they use Sakura as a healing shikigami. By lowering her SPD requirement, player s can now focus more on increasing Sakura's healing efficiency by investing more on increasing her HP.
Tips: "At the end of an action" and "at the end of a turn" are different in skill effects. A turn ends when the Move Bar reaches the bottom. Some effects grants a new turn. Healing triggers when turn ends. Action refers to the action triggered by some effects (ie. counter-attacks), which is also referred as pseudo-turn by players. Healing triggers when action ends
Sakura Blizzard
Orb cost: 3
Makes cherry blossoms fall from above to attack all enemies, dispelling 3 buffs from each enemy with a 50% base chance (100% after evolution) of inflicting a 50% Heal Down lasting 2 turns on them. Also inflicts a Cherry Blossom lasting 2 turns on them, dealing indirect damage equal to 7% of her max HP (up to a max of 325% of Sakura's ATK).
Lv. 2: Increases Cherry Blossom's indirect damage to 11% of her max HP.
Lv. 3: Increases Cherry Blossom's indirect damage to 15% of her max HP.
Lv. 4: Heal Down effect cannot be dispelled.
Lv. 5: If no buffs are dispelled, 1 orb is refunded.
Designer's note:
The once complicated Sakura Blizzard is now simplified. The damage of Cherry Blossom is now related to the Sakura's HP that most players would invest on increasing. Sakura's orb refunding effect while dispelling no buffs can be as much effective when she uses Sakura Blizzard even there's no buffs on to be dispelled on enemies.
Shikigami AI
With the revamp of the shikigami skill, we tweaked her AI a little.
- If she has no Dance of Recovery, she uses Recovery.
- If an ally's HP is below 80%, she uses Recovery.
- If she has Dance of Recovery, and the HP of all allies are above 80%, she uses Sakura Blizzard.
- If all allies are KO'd, Sakura, alone on her own, uses Sakura Blizzard.
Single/AoE Damage Rules
- Single damage and AoE damage will be judged on the real situation when dealing damage instead of whether the target was specified when using skills. Judgement criteria will be based on the visual effects together with skill descriptions. Collateral damage won't be regarded as single damage.
- In the skill description, using following expressions will be regarded as single damage: enemy target, each enemy, a random enemy, any enemy.
- Using following expressions will be regarded as AoE damage: all enemies, other enemies.
After the judgement method is changed, the following effects will be influenced:
- Soul [Soul Edge], Kingyo [Goldfish: Aid]
Before the update, some single-target skills can deal AoE damage but the AoE damage dealt will be shared. After the update, only a small part of the damage will be shared.