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Onmyoji #ShikigamiCosplay Has Begun!
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Onmyoji #ShikigamiCosplay Has Begun!



Dear Onmyoji,

What was it that got you hooked into the world of cosplay? Was it Onmyoji or an anime you love?

Do you remember the moments you prepared for the first Shikigami cos?

Or how about those anime/manga gatherings you've been going to?


To celebrate Onmyoji’s Global 1st Anniversary with our Onmyoji around the world, we're pleased to announce that we will be holding a #ShikigamiCosplay Contest during the anniversary period. Winners of the contest will receive official goods as a special prize, and all participants of the event will also have a chance to win in a lucky draw!


We believe this anniversary is not a mere celebration of the opening of our global server, but also of the wonderful community that has been growing and supporting us throughout this year. This is a celebration for all of us, and we are thrilled to receive your submissions regarding how this game has touched you and connected you with each other.


How To Participate


1. By tagging @onmyojigame and using #ShikigamiCosplay and #ShikigamiDay hashtags in your entry on Facebook.

2. By tagging @onmyojigame and using #ShikigamiCosplay and #ShikigamiDay hashtags in your entry on Instagram.

3. By tagging @onmyojigame and using #ShikigamiCosplay and #ShikigamiDay hashtags in your entry on Twitter.

4. By joining Onmyoji Discord server, share the event, or vote on the submissions (lucky draw).


*Note: Please make sure your privacy setting are set that you can still successfully share your creations with us.


Campaign Rules


1. The Onmyoji #ShikigamiCosplay contest starts on 2019 Jan. 2th 12:00 A.M. and ends on Feb. 9th 11:59 P.M. (EST). Entries closes on 2019 Jan. 30 11:59 P.M. (EST).

2. Participants must upload the creation in accordance to the “How To Participate” rules above.

3. There is no limit to the number of entries one person can submit.

4. There is no limit to the Shikigami or Onmyoji characters that participants can cosplay.

5. Entries must be your own work; we cannot accept entries that use copyrighted materials from other sources.

6. NetEase reserves the right to reject entries that do not meet the requirements.

7. The prizes are non-exchangeable for cash or other items of the same value.

8. Each winner is only eligible for one prize.



How To Win

The winners for this contest will be picked based on both a panel of NetEase judges and public voting. The top 15 selections will be selected by NetEase team for a second round of public voting on Gleam campaign page on 2019 Jan. 31st (EST).

The NetEase team will rank the participants based on the below criteria:



We favour handmade costumes over bought ones. If your costume is handmade, make sure to let us know how you made it, if not, try and put more emphasis on something you styled, like your wig or make-up.


We will be checking how faithful your costume, hair, make-up and props are to the character you’re cosplaying as. Please mention any variations or specific versions you took into account.


We will try and determine how hard each person had to work to complete his costume, find a rare prop, style the appropriate wig or do his/her make-up. 


In case of a tie, the NetEase team will decide the winner based on the criteria above. Winner announcement is expected to be on 2019 Feb. 9th (EST).


*Note: Top 15 selections and winner announcement might be postponed if there are too many entries.



Prize Pool


1. Participants who are selected into the top 15 will receive official Onmyoji gifts as rewards; the prizes differ depending on each one’s ranking.

2. Participants who join Onmyoji discord server during event period, share the event on each platform, or vote on the submissions will have a chance to win in the lucky draw.

*Note: The images on the campaign page are for reference only.


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