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Onmyoji Global 1st Anniversary event #ShikigamiCosplay contest
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Onmyoji Global 1st Anniversary event #ShikigamiCosplay contest




Our Global 1st Anniversary event #ShikigamiCosplay contest has ended perfectly! The Final Popularity Ranking has come out, which can still be seen in the voting page.

Their prizes are as followed:
-Top 5 popular entries for the first prize! 
-Excellent works which has just missed winning for the second prize!
-10 users who participated in our event by sharing, voting or joining our discord for our “Lucky Draw” Prize!

The prize winners please fill in the google sheet here:

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support! We are looking forward to your participation in future events!

❗❗ Winners for “Lucky Draw” Prize have been informed by e-mails. Please be sure to check your e-mails in time.

❗❗Note: Please provide all the information required accurately so that you can receive your prize on time. (All personal information disclosed to the Onmyoji Team will be kept completely confidential. We will never make these details available to any 3rd party or use them for any purpose other than sending the reward to you.)

❗❗Note: Please submit your information before Feb. 26th 23:59 EST. Users that fail to submit their information before the deadline will be seen as giving up their rights to the reward, and will not be eligible for any compensation whatsoever.

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