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Maintenance Update - April 30
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Maintenance Update - April 30



Dear Onmyoji,

To ensure a better game experience, we will perform an update on May 1st 00:00 EST. The servers will not go down for this update, so just enjoy it 

----Update Content----

1. Daruma Wish
Event Time: May 1st 00:00. - May 14th 23:59 EST

How to play:
During the event, players who clear Soul Zones, Evo Zones or Wanted Quests will have a chance to obtain different types of Daruma Cards:
- Soul Zone: Red Daruma Card 
- Evo Zone: White Daruma Card
- Wanted Quest: Black Daruma Card

Spend Daruma cards to redeem the corresponding Daruma! Please note that Daruma cards are only valid during this event, and will become void once the event ends.

2. Exploration Monster Bonus Up Event
Event Time: May 1st 00:00 - May 7th 23:59 EST

During the event, enemies in the Exploration Zone will have two reward bonuses at the same time, allowing you to earn more EXP, coins, or loot per battle!

3. Shopkeeper's Benefit
During May 1st 00:00 - May 3rd 23:59 EST, players can obtain a random pack shop discount voucher every day!

- Every day during the event, players will have a maximum of 3 chances to draw a discount voucher. The discount voucher with the biggest discount drawn for that day will be given to the player through in-game mail. 
- The Discount Voucher will be available for 7 days. It can be applied to all packs which can be purchased using S-Jade.

4. Get Ready for the New SP Skins!
Event Time: May 1st 00:00 - May 7th 23:59 EST

SP Skins lineup:
Jorogumo - Bamboo
Vampira - True Red
Umibozu - True Red
Yasha - True Red

How to get the SP skins:
- By using Mystery Amulets, AR Amulets or Jade to summon, players will have a chance to receive 1 SP skin. You can choose which SP skin you would like from the 4 above.
- Players can also redeem 1 SP skin using Gold Talismans in the event page once.
- Players can receive at most 2 SP skins from this event.

Friendly Reminder:
If the player forgets to pick up his or her skin when the event ends, a random SP skin not in the player's possession will be picked from the lineup and be delivered through in-game mail.

5. Choose your favorite Soul Drops
Event Time: May 4th 00:00 - May 5th 23:59 EST
During the event, players can choose the type of souls that drop in Soul Zone. Players can choose 4 types of souls. However, the same soul cannot be chosen more than once in any lineup. After the lineup has been selected, players can edit the lineup at any time. The lineup applies to the first 200 challenges per day. After this, the dropping rate and types of souls will revert to normal.

1. Fixed language and technical bugs.