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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on May 29th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement to be posted later, or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Important Update

1. New shikigami - SP Crimson Yoto!

※ A crimson blade slices through the air! Brand new SP shikigami Crimson Yoto (VA: Shiori Izawa) arrives in Heian-Kyo!

※ After the maintenance on May 29th, summon via Mystery Amulet, Jade, or AR Amulet for a chance to form a pact with her!

2. Crimson Saber event comes with tons of rewards!

※ Summoning Event: After maintenance on May 29th - 23:59, June 4th EST

※ SP shikigami Crimson Yoto arrives in style, increasing your chance of summoning SP/SSR! Six great offers to reward players for summoning. May you be blessed by luck and summon those rare shikigami!

(The assembly and summoning event is available to all players who have reached Lv. 15.)

Offer No. 1: SP/SSR Chance UP event!

※ When summoning, players' chances of summoning SP/SSR shikigami will be increased by 2.5x! Each player can enjoy this SP/SSR Chance Up offer up to 3 times.

Offer No. 2: SSR All Collected benefit arrives!

※ Players who have completed the All SSR Collected achievement before the maintenance on May 29th are eligible to enjoy the special benefit of "When a rare shikigami (SP/SSR) is summoned, the chance of them being Crimson Yoto is increased to 15%" (one-time only).

※ Important Rules:

All SSR Collected counts the SSR shikigami lit up in the Collection (excluding Ryomen).

All SSR Collected does not include the limited-edition crossover SSR Rikuo Nura, Medicine Seller, Hozuki, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Kikyo.

Offer No. 3: End Your Unlucky Streak project!

※ Players who use Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets to summon 10 times without summoning an SP/SSR shikigami during the event will receive 1 Mystery Amulet to help you end your unlucky streak!

Offer No. 4: 10 R shikigami pay out great rewards!

※ During the summoning event, the first time you summon with a Draw x10 and receive all R shikigami, you will be sent a special gift!

(Note: Summoning with Draw x1 does not apply. Only applicable with summoning using Draw x10.)

Offer No.5: SR Choice reward!

※ During the summoning event, for each 100 summons performed via Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets, you will receive 1 SR shikigami of your choice. 

Offer No.6: Blazing Arrival illustration reward!

※ During the summoning event, when you collect SP Crimson Yoto through summoning or combining shards, you will also receive the corresponding limited-edition illustration!

3. Event - Crimson Yoto Memory Scrolls

※ Crimson Yoto Memory Scrolls Rank Rewards - Crimson Blade event opens

※ Event Time: After maintenance on May 29th - 23:59, June 18th EST

※ During the event, take part in different zone challenges to receive Memory Scroll shards.

※ Donate shards to repair the Memory Scrolls. Each shard donated will grant you random rewards.

※ The top 200 players in each server for each chapter will receive the shards of the SP shikigami Crimson Yoto, and the top 500 players will each receive a Crimson Blade avatar frame reward.

※ Once all Memory Scrolls are repaired, you won't receive any more Memory Scroll shards and will no longer be able to repair Memory Scrolls.

※ We've improved the drop rate of all Memory Scroll shards. The Orochi of the Maidens: Moan stage now yields more Memory Scroll shards.

4. Themed Event - Illusory Moon

※ Event Time: After maintenance on May 29th - 23:59, June 11th EST

An illusory moon loomed over Heian-Kyo, bringing a crimson menace to the world!

※ Brand new boss Winged Tsukinohime is arriving in Heian-Kyo.

※ Winged Tsukinohime arrives in Plateau of Encounter and will move towards Heian-Kyo via Mt. Septem, Mt. Gloom, and Mt. Oe. Players need to repel her before she arrives in Heian-Kyo to save the capital.

※ Players can access a map from the Courtyard to challenge Winged Tsukinohime, who is moving towards the capital.

※ Challenge battles include solo battles and Front and Rear Lineup battles.

Front and Rear Lineup battles:

This battle mode requires 1 player to deploy a Front Lineup and 2 players to each deploy a Rear Lineup.

The player who deploys the Front Lineup takes extra damage. The players who deploy the Rear Lineups take less damage.

※ Shikigami and monsters are also fighting against Winged Tsukinohime in their own territory. Everyone has united to face the common threat.

Two battles are available in the event based on the progress of Winged Tsukinohime: Pursuit Battle and Challenge Battle.

During the Challenge Battles, there will be shikigami acting as Stationed Shikigami who will receive 50% ATK and HP bonus in battles.

Stationed Shikigami details are as follows:

Challenge Battle of Plateau of Encounter: Tamamonomae, Yuki, and Ittan-momen

Challenge Battle of Mt. Septem: Yamakaze, Menreiki, and Ubume

Challenge Battle of Mt. Gloom: Ootengu, Yoto Hime, and Yuki Onna

Challenge Battle of Mt. Oe: Shuten Doji, Ibaraki Doji, and Momiji

※ The player's highest damage dealt to Winged Tsukinohime each day will be calculated towards the Total Score. After the event, rewards will be issued based on the Total Score. Rewards include an event-exclusive avatar frame, Skill Daruma, grade 5 Grade Daruma, and other rare items.

※ During the event, damage dealt to Winged Tsukinohime will be converted to a score at a fixed rate. The score is used to unlock and purchase the items in the Essence shop. Score can only be earned a limited amount of times each day.

※ After the Challenge Battle of an area is cleared, the Blood Moon Dreamland of that area will appear on the map.

Challenge the Blood Moon Dreamland to receive Moon Shards that you can use to increase the stats of your shikigami in the event.

※ After the event, access to the event will remain available until the maintenance on June 19th so players can exchange points for rewards in the Essence shop.

5. Orochi's Memory Scrolls Evil God Descends: Evil Unbound revamped and updated

After the maintenance, players can tap the cherry tree in the Courtyard to watch the revamped Memory Scroll stories. We sincerely apologize for the delay. Players can claim a gift box from us after watching each story.

※ Details of the updated stories will be issued via in-game mail. Thank you for your attention and understanding.

6. New additions - Skin shop updated

※ Shishio's Gilded Forester skin and Yaksha's Blood Thirst skin are now available in the Skin shop at a 20% discount for the first week. Players are welcome to head there and purchase them!

7. Upgraded the Achievement system

※ 500-day login rewards have been added to the Achievements page. These rewards are extremely rich! Players can check the details in-game. The achievements list is also improved for easier browsing and searching.

10. 8. Shrine updated - Jinmenju is now available in Shrine

※ SR shikigami Jinmenju is now available in the Shrine. Players can exchange him by spending 3,500 Talismans.

9. Illustration shop updated

※ New illustrations are available in the Illustration shop. Players who are interested can head to the shop to purchase them. 

10. Vision Update - Onmyoji

※The interface of Onmyoji has revamped, now you can enjoy the beautiful view of the courtyard from new Onmyoji scene.

※Improve four main characters' model quality, and also implement some modify of art details to make their apperance more appropriate.

※Now our four main character also have their own movement while interactive with them.

Shikigami Improvements

1. Koi

Bubble Shield

Improved the AI in auto mode. Now she will use the skill as long as there's an ally without a shield.

Bubble Cage

Improved the AI in auto mode. Now the skill prioritizes targeting the enemy with the highest Crit.

2. Improved how the Soul Aonyobo works in Royal Battles when the shikigami is in Frozen status.

When taking lethal damage for the first time, removes all buffs and debuffs, recovers HP by 100% and inflicts Frozen on self for 1 turn. When under Frozen, DEF is increased by 100%, and gains immunity to all debuffs. If the shikigami survives the Frozen status, recovers HP by 100% again. Triggers only once each round.


1. Added refresh rules for SP skins in the Shrine Rules page.

2. Clarified the skill description of Kikyo's Soul Barrier. The "At the end of her turn, creates a soul barrier to protect herself." effect will not be triggered if she's unable to take actions. The current skill effects remain unchanged.

3. Clarified the skill description of Sesshomaru's Barrier: Tenseiga. When he takes lethal damage, all buffs and debuffs will be removed. The current skill effects remain unchanged.

4. Improved how the skill descriptions of shikigami skills are displayed in battles. Now they will only appear when you tap and hold the icons of the skills.

5. When Higanbana's Crimson Flowers deals damage to an enemy, the skill icon will now appear above Higanbana rather than the enemy who took the damage.

6. Improved the display of the front page when you entrust your shikigami to a friend. Now the page will no longer appear dark, whether or not their slots are occupied.

7. Improved the Soul icons in the Soul page where some of the icons appeared lower than others.

8. Now when you watch videos in the game, the background music will be turned off temporarily.

9. Improved the Mio model before and after her evolution.

10. Improved how the Guild Accompany quest works. When a leader has selected the quest, all guild members will now automatically claim the quest.

11. Improved the display of the Skill Daruma Shard Pack icon in the Feat Shop.

12. Fixed the quest descriptions of some of the mystery quests in Demon Encounter. They are now clearer.

13. Improved the icon display of events discovered in Demon Encounter. Now players can more easily find the location of the events they found.

14. Improved the model of Lord Arakawa's Furious Waters skin.

15. Improved the repeated display of the notification window that appears when releasing shikigami who have daily releasing limits.

Fixed Issues

1. Fixed the issue in the Soul exchange page where the player would select a Boss Soul and tap the Exchange button, but the game would not correctly transition to the exchange page.

2. Fixed the issue of Kaoru's Warm Protection, where allies protected by Owl's Protection were affected by the Souls Mimic and Dawn Fairy.

3. Fixed the issue where in certain occasions, if only shikigami revived by Yao Bikuni's Divination Sigil remained on one side, that side would not be considered defeated. Now they will be considered defeated.

5. Fixed the issue where the damage reflected by Yao Bikuni's Divination Sigil could sometimes be damage that's neither single-targeted nor indirect damage. Also a shikigami that has gained immunity to damage will no longer be affected by this reflected damage.

5. Now if a field expires when multiple fields are active on the battlefield, the remaining active fields will display correctly.

6. Fixed the issue where some of the skill damage dealt was counted as normal damage dealt.

7. Fixed the missing skill sound FX of Tsuchigumo and Hako Shoujo in battles