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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on June 12th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Important Update
1. Event - Bond of Protection!
※ Event Time: June 13th 0:00 to June 19th, 23:59 EST
※ Event Rules: Collect Paw Marks via summoning, Test of Courage, and Friendship Packs to claim the Pom and its accessories!
- Summoning: Each summoning made using a Mystery Amulet, AR Amulet or Jade made grants 1 Paw Mark.
- Test of Courage: Get 2 Paw Marks by reaching 80 Courage.
- Friendship Pack Rewards: Each pack grants 5 - 9 Paw Marks.

2. Canine Lover SP/SSR shikigami summoning chance tripled!
※ Event Time: June 13th 0:00 to June 19th, 23:59 EST
During the event, the summoning chance for canine lover shikigami will be 2.5 times higher. Canine lover shikigami include: Ootengu, Lord Arakawa, Aoandon, Ichimokuren, Susabi, Higanbana, Yamakaze, Tamamonomae, Miketsu, Menreiki, Onikiri, Jr. Ootengu, Orochi, Divine Miketsu, and Azurestorm Ichimokuren.
·Only the first 2 SP/SSR canine lover shikigami summoned by each player can enjoy the chance increase benefit.
·The summoning event is available to all players of Lv. 15 and above.
·The crossover event limited shikigami are not included in the event.

3. Brand new Secret Zone: Conquer the World opens!
※ Brand new Secret Zone: Conquer the World opens for players to challenge. Clear stages 8, 9, and 10 to get a grade 4 Daruma, Skill Daruma, and Kingyo's new skin - Cute Commander. Come and conquer the world with Kingyo now!

4. Daruma Wish event starts!
※ Event Time: After maintenance on June 12th - June 25th, 23:59 EST
※ During the event, clear Soul zones, Evo zones, Exploration zones, and complete Wanted Quests for a chance to receive Daruma Cards. Spend Daruma Cards to exchange them for related Daruma.

5. Shopkeeper's Benefits!
※ Event Time: 0:00, June 13th - June 15th, 23:59 EST
※ During the event, players have 3 attempts to draw for a discount voucher. When the 3 attempts are used up, a Pack Shop discount voucher will be issued based on the biggest discount players drew. The discount voucher expires in 7 days. Remember to use them in time!

6. New additions - Skin shop updated
※ Higanbana's Purging Fire skin and Mannendake's Sun-tanned Samurai skin are now available in the Skin shop at a 20% discount for the first week. Players are welcome to head there and purchase them!

7. Event - Weekend Soul Free Choice
※ Event Time: June 15th, 00:00 EST - June 16th, 23:59 EST
※ During the event on Saturday and Sunday, the Orochi Zone can yield any Soul of your choice. 
※ You can select 1 Soul from each type of Soul bonus effect. Up to 4 types in total.
※ You can enjoy the benefit up to 200 times a day. After the attempts are used up, the zone will yield Souls as normal.
※ You can still make changes after you've made your choice for the Souls.

8. Illustration Shop updated!
※ New illustrations are available in the Mystic Shop - Illustration Shop. Players who are interested can head to the shop to purchase them.

9. New Accessories and Skill-casting Effects added!
※ Added new bio stories to some of the shikigami. Updated in this patch: Susabi, Ryomen, Yamakaze, Ichimokuren, Tamamonomae, and Miketsu. More fascinating shikigami stories are in the brew. Stay tuned.
※ When players unlock the new bios of shikigami, they also unlock the new Accessories/Skill-casting Effects. Players can change the look of their shikigami freely by changing their weapons and Accessories, and change the display actions of their shikigami by changing their Skill-casting Effects. More features will be available in the future.
※ Unlocking new bios require players to increase their Affection level with their shikigami. Send gifts on the Bios page to add Affection points. New bios will be unlocked when the Affection requirements are met.
※ Added hidden achievements to some of the shikigami. Players can add Affection points to their shikigami when they reach certain conditions.
※ Added a new related achievement. Unlock all 6 bios of a shikigami to complete the achievement and receive rare rewards.

10. Special Skin Pack!
※The price of special skin pack will be 50% off again (25 S-Jade) from June 12th after update to June 18th 23:59 EST for the new added accessories and skill-casting effects of certain Shikigami. 

Shikigami Improvements
1. Dodomeki
Cursed Eye
Now when she inflicts Gaze on monsters, the cost for the Evil Light skill that substituted their skills will not exceed their orb limit.

2. Sakura
Skill effect balance, changing "if she's not inflicted with Morph" to "if she isn't unable to take action".
Dance of Recovery now lasts 1 turn instead of 4 turns.
Dance of Recovery now stacks up to 1 layer instead of 4 layers.
Increased the healing efficiency of Dance of Recovery to 10%/25% at Lv. 3 to 40%/100% at Lv. 3.
Lv. 2 effect now changed to Dance of Recovery also grants 50% Effect RES.
Lv. 4 effect now changed to: Increases the duration of Dance of Recovery to 2 turns.
Sakura Blizzard
Heal Down effect can now be dispelled.
Lv. 4 effect now changed to Increases Heal Down effect to 60%.
Cherry Blossom now lasts 1 turn instead of 2 turns.
Increased Cherry Blossom's indirect damage dealt from 7%/11%/15% to 9%/14%/19%.
Changed Cherry Blossom's indirect damage dealt limit from 325% of Sakura's ATK to 370% of her ATK.

1. The Paper Doll who worked as the access to events on the right side of the Courtyard has adapted to his new work and his movements are smoother and quicker now.
2. Improved the position order of the material cards that are collapsed in the Entrust page and in battles.
3. Improved the feedback when players tap/click on the event icons on the right side in Demon Encounter.
4. Visual updates:
※ Updated the Yamausagi model before and after her evolution.
※ Updated the Ushi no Toki model before and after her evolution.

Fixed Issues
1. Fixed the abnormal special effects of Shuten Doji when he's on the Shikigami page.
2. Fixed the failed play buttons in Bios when they are unlocked.
3. Fixed the missing prompt during the skeleton stage in Odokuro challenge battles.
4. Fixed the issue where two lineup lock buttons sometimes pop up.
5. Fixed the Battle Stats button which sometimes appears on other pages.
6. Fixed the issue where the player is sometimes unable to use their shikigami's skills even when they are not under control effects in manual battle mode.
7. Fixed the issue where the lineup lock sometimes appears different than its actual state when the player sets invite teammates by default and when teammates accept team-up invitations. Now players can unlock their locked lineups in the team-up page if they wish to make changes to their lineups. Auto team up will still work for their next battles, at which point they can still make changes to their lineups.

Compensation Statement
※Due to the shikigami improvements of Sakura this patch, we will make compensation for all Onmyoji who has owned Sakura, and here are the rules:
-If you have a Grade 6 Sakura, you will receive a G6 Exchange Amulet(valid for 30 days) and 800 Talisman.
-If you have a Grade 5 Sakura, you will receive a G5 Exchange Amulet(valid for 30 days) and 400 Talisman.
-If you have more than one Grade 6 Sakura, for each one you will receive an extra G6 Exchange Amulet(except the first one).
-If you have more than one Grade 5 Sakura, for each one you will receive an extra G5 Exchange Amulet(except the first one).