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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on June 26th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

🔸Important Update

1. New Shikigami Info - SSR Shiranui!
※ Flame diva invites you to dance with fire! Brand new SSR shikigami Shiranui (VA: Nao Toyama) has arrived in Heian-Kyo!
※ After the maintenance on June 26th, summon via Mystery Amulet, Jade, or AR Amulet for a chance to form a pact with Shiranui!

2. Flame diva invites you for a dance with fire! Shiranui summoning event has begun!
※ Summoning Event: After maintenance on June 26th - July 2nd 23:59 EST
※ SSR shikigami Shiranui arrives in style, increasing your chance of summoning SP/SSR! Five great offers to reward players for summoning. May you be blessed by luck and summon some rare shikigami!
(The summoning event is available to all players who have reached Lv.15)

※ Important Rules:
All SSR Collected counts the SSR shikigami lit up in the Collection (excluding Ryomen).
All SSR Collected includes the SSR shikigami Shiranui that's being released in the current version, but does not include the limited-edition crossover SSR Medicine Seller, Hozuki, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Kikyo.

Offer No.1: SP/SSR Chance UP event!
※ When summoning, players' chances of summoning SP/SSR shikigami will be increased by 2.5x! Each player can enjoy this SP/SSR Chance Up offer up to 3 times.

Offer No.2: SSR All Collected benefit has arrived!
Players who have completed the SSR All Collected achievement before the maintenance on June 26th can enjoy an extra bonus: When a rare shikigami (SP/SSR) is summoned, the SSR shikigami Shiranui's chance of being summoned is increased to 20%! After the SSR shikigami Shiranui is summoned, the chance is restored to normal.

※ Important Rules:
All SSR Collected counts the SSR shikigami lit up in the Collection (excluding Ryomen).
All SSR Collected does not include the limited-edition crossover Medicine Seller, Hozuki, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, and Kikyo.

Offer No.3: End Your Unlucky Streak!
※ Players who use Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets to summon 10 times without summoning an SP/SSR shikigami during the event will receive 1 Mystery Amulet to help them end their unlucky streak!

Offer No.4: 10 R shikigami great reward pay out!
※ During the summoning event, the first time you summon with a Draw x10 and receive all R shikigami, you will be sent a Mystery Blessing!
(Note: Summoning with Draw x1 does not apply. Only applicable with summoning using Draw x10.)

Offer No.5: SR Choice Reward!
※ During the summoning event, for each 100 summons performed via Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets, you will receive 1 SR shikigami of your choice.

3. Event - Shiranui Memory Scrolls

※ Shiranui Memory Scrolls event starts.
※ Event Time: After maintenance on June 26th to July 16th 23:59 EST
※ During the event, take part in different zone challenges to receive Memory Scroll shards.
※ Donate shards to repair the Memory Scrolls. Each shard donated will grant you random rewards.
※ When a scroll is repaired, rewards for all players in a server will be issued based on their contributions.
※ The top 200 players in each server for each chapter will receive a SSR Shikigami Shiranui pact shard reward, and the top 500 players will each receive a Fire & Water avatar frame reward.
※ Once all Memory Scrolls are repaired, you won't receive any more Memory Scroll shards and will no longer be able to repair Memory Scrolls.
※ When all scrolls are unlocked, players can watch the short music animation, Tune of Sorrow, on the Memory Scrolls page.

4. New Demon Encounter Boss - Ghostly Songstress has arrived!
※ During the Demon Encounter, players have a chance to discover the large assembly boss: Ghostly Songstress.
※ Songstresses stands at the pinnacle of Yoshiwara, a prestigious position only few can achieve. They are the driving force for countless girls living in Yoshiwara.
Songstresses are embraced with treasures and praise, yet they cannot pursue the happiness of common people. Youth is always too short for them to find the one they want to live the rest of their life with. What awaits them is a life of hard labor when they're old, watching the young generations following their lives, watching the tragic circle continue before their life comes to an end in deep depression.

When songstresses and their maids pass away, most of them are buried collectively in the Temple of Cleansing without any rituals. No one cares about them.

※ Special Note: During the Isle of Sorrow event, all Demon Encounter bosses in the Demon Encounter event will be substituted by the Ghostly Songstress. She grants random Demon Encounter Boss Souls. Drop rate of the Demon Encounter Souls during the Isle of Sorrow event from Ghostly Songstress is doubled.

5. Listen to Song of the Isle of Sorrow echoing in the night
Tamamonomae puts on his best dress and leads us to the legendary city of endless night life - Yoshiwara!
The legend of the great spirit Shiranui prevails in the city. However, the untold truth about the legend is hidden in the mist on the sea at nighttime.

※ Event Time: June 26th 08:00 - July 4th 23:59 EST
※ Starting from Day 2 of the event, one of the clues about Shiranui will be discovered daily. Complete story quests to collect all 6 clues to unravel the secret of Shiranui.
※ During the event, players will enter the commercial street of Yoshiwara where multiple gameplay features are available. Take part to receive all sorts of rewards. Take a stroll around the street and enjoy yourself.
※ Take part in the event to receive Courage from the commercial street.

6. Shiranui's Dance
The legendary songstress arrives in the Isle of Sorrow at last. Shiranui Boss Defense event has begun!
※ Event Time: July 3rd 08:00 - July 4th 22:00 EST
※ Daily opening time: 08:00 - 24:00. The highest damage of the day will be counted towards the score of the day. Rewards are issued based on the total score.
※ When the event ends, the event access will still be open until July 11th 23:59 EST to help players exchange rewards.

7. Mentor's Guidance system updated, adding the Bond feature and co-op quests!
※ Added Mentorship Notice and co-op quests. Improved the current requirements to be a Mentor/Apprentice.
※ Mentorship Notice
In the Mentor's Guidance system, players can input their detailed info in the Mentorship Notice and post it. The Onmyoji Team will suggest Mentors/Apprentices that are most suitable for you based on the content posted.

※ Co-op Quests
When a Guidance relationship is established, the Mentor can spend 60 AP to issue a quest to their Apprentice every day. When both players complete the quest, sizeable rewards will be issued.
Mentor Rewards: 10 Orochi's Reverse Scales, a grade 2 Lightning Drum Realm Card, and a Co-op Quest Box for Mentor (Randomly grants Jade, Mystery Amulet, Skill Daruma Shard, and other such rewards)
Apprentice Rewards: 60 AP and a Co-op Quest Box for Apprentice (Randomly grants Grade Daruma Shard, 100% EXP Bonus, Lightning Drum III, and other such rewards)
Reminder: When the Mentor posts a quest, they can put 2 Souls of grade 5 or below into the box for their Apprentice. When the quest is completed, the Apprentice can receive the Souls given by their Mentor.

※ Requirements Adjusted
The Onmyoji Team has adjusted the requirements for Mentors and Apprentices.
Requirements for Mentors are now adjusted to Level ≥ 45 and ≥ 2,500 Achievement points.
Requirements for Apprentices have now been adjusted to one of the following:
1. Level < 45 and sign-in days ≤ 100
2. Level < 45 and grade 6 shikigami owned ≤ 4
The Onmyoji Team would like to express our sincere gratitude to players who actively help new players in the Heian world. We hope the improvements made in this update will help more new players in Heian-Kyo to find Mentors.

8. New additions - Skin shop updated
※ Lord Arakawa's Azure Coral skin and Hako Shoujo's Origami Heart skin are now available in the Skin shop at a 20% discount for the first week. Players are welcome to head there and purchase them!

9. Illustration Shop updated!
※ New illustrations are available in the Mystic Shop - Illustration Shop. Players who are interested can head to the shop to purchase them.


1. Improved guild leader dismissal rules
※ When the leader of a guild is offline for over 7 days, the leader dismissal function will become available at 00:00 the next day.
※ The dismissal procedure has two stages. If the guild has an officer who is offline for over 7 days, the first stage begins. Only officers can request to take leadership during this stage. If all officers in a guild are offline for over 7 days, the second stage starts. All common members who meet the requirements are eligible to request to dismiss the current leader and become the new leader.
※ Request requirements for common members: Has a higher total Feat than the leader and the weekly Feat gained from the previous week is over 400.
※ 3 days after the first request submitted, the Onmyoji Team will choose one person from all the members who requested to be the new leader (priority for officers) or the member who has the highest total Feat if the requested members have the same title.
※ During the dismissal procedure, if the leader logs in to the game, the dismissal ends. During the second stage, if an officer logs in to the game, the dismissal continues and the officer is also eligible to request for the leadership.

2. Improved the Shikigami Shard rewards players can receive from Wanted quests:
※ Froglet Shards are added to rewards that grant random N shikigami shards.
※ Mushishi Shards are added to rewards that grant random R shikigami shards.
※ Okikumushi, Ittan-momen, Nokanshi, and Bake-kujira Shards are added to rewards that grant random SR Shikigami Shards.
※ Higanbana, Menreiki, Onikiri, and Orochi Shards are added to rewards that grant random SSR Shikigami Shards.
※ R Shikigami Shards are removed from rewards that grant random shards III.
※ Slightly increased players chance of receiving SSR Shikigami Shards from rewards that grant random shards III.

3. Improved the model display of Hakuzosu by adding bells to one of his tails, making it consistent with his concept art.

4. Improved the name display of the zone names on the Secret Zone pages, making them clearer.

5. Improved the long delay of the system prompt that appears when the player summoned an SP/SSR shikigami via Draw x10.

6. Improved the appearance of the recommended graphics page. Now, when a player launches Onmyoji for the first time, they can choose a graphics setting from the recommendation page.

7. Added a head-turning effect to the Verdict Boss in Duel, allowing him to observe the battle progress with more attention.

8. The passive skills of Jikikaeru are removed from stage 3 of the Soul Zone and the Shikigami Shard Zone of Jikikaeru.

9. The event access paper doll on the top right of the Courtyard realized that he failed to get the attention of many players. Now whenever there's a new event, his sign will shine with a dynamic glow. He hopes this can grab the attention of all players.

10. Visual Updates
※ Updated the in-battle model of Shishio before and after his evolution and his special edition Bleached Silk skin.
※ Updated the model display of Shishio's Violet Snow skin, Sea Dragon skin, and his special edition Bleached Silk skin, and Susabi's special edition Royalty skin.
※ Updated the summoning animations of Shishio and Susabi.

🔸Fixed Issues

1. Fixed the issue of the voice volume being too low when the player taps on the Hakuzosu on the Shikigami page.

2. Fixed the icon display error regarding Miketsu's Accessory.

3. Fixed the error where the part of Itsumade's Golden Feather's effect - "When dealt damage, transfers 1 layer of the mark (stacks up to 3 layers) onto the damage dealer" - still takes effect even when she's inflicted with a Seal.

4. Fixed the eye display error regarding some of the skin models of Ichimokuren.

5. Fixed the issue where ending the auto team up can sometimes affect the lineup lock status. Now the lock status will be returned to its original status before the auto team up.

6. Fixed an issue that caused Ichimokuren's Dark Memories skin to look abnormal.