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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on Sep 11th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later, or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Important Updates

1. Kyoto Reunion

Event period: After the update on September 11th – September 24th 23:59 EST

Event details:

- During the event, active players can participate in the event by inviting old players to return.

- Returned players can link to an active player (You may link to a player who is not in your friend list) and complete missions during the event period to gain return points.

- Active Players can gain Recall points when the returned players they link to complete quests during the event. - Returned players can also link to an active player randomly assigned by the system.

- Points can be used for redeeming rewards, including a random SSR Shikigami, Skill Daruma, and more!

The random SSR Shikigami will be chosen from one of the Shikigami below: Ootengu, Shuten Doji, Arakawa. Enma, Shishio, Ibaraki Doji, Aoandon, Yoto Hime, Ichimokuren, Hana, Kaguya, Susabi, Higanbana, Yuki, Tamamonomae, Miketsu, Yamakaze, Menreiki, Onikiri, Hakuzosu

2. Indigo Moon

As the season of the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, Heian-Kyo is preparing a Mid-Autumn special event – “Indigo Moon”!

Event time: After the update on September 11th – September 24th 23:59 EST

Location: players can access the event page by tapping on the little rabbit or the Jizo statue in the courtyard.

How to play:
- During the event, players who reach 100 courage or more can obtain a daily reward. Players can obtain this reward once per day.

- During the first 5 days of the event, each day, one Shikigami will come to visit and tell an event story. Players can tap on the “Moon Tale” button in the event page to view the story.

- Receive the daily reward and unlock a puzzle piece of the illustration. During the event, with dedication, you can complete the illustration in 7 days!

- Receive the daily reward 7 times to obtain Vampira’s new skin “Chilling Seafair”!

- After the illustration is complete, players can share the illustration with others through various social networking platforms.

3. Guaranteed SSR Shikigami for beginners

Big news!! A new beginner activity “Guaranteed SSR Shikigami for beginners” will be implemented into Onmyoji! If you have considered starting to play Onmyoji but you worry that you wouldn't be able to summon powerful Shikigami, this could be your chance!!

Time: After the update on September 11th EST

Event details: After the update on September 11th, a free 10x summon will be added to the tutorial, which is guaranteed to include an SSR Shikigami!

The guaranteed SSR Shikigami in the 10th summon will be chosen from one of the Shikigami below: Yamakaze, Yuki, Ichimokuren, Yoto Hime, Shishio, Enma, Lord Arakawa, Aoandon

Friendly reminder: Players who have started the game before the update on September 11th can still obtain a random SSR Shikigami through the "Kyoto Reunion" event! Don’t miss out!

4. A new game for Showdown Bidding!
Jikikaeru is starting a new game for thrill-seekers! Onmyoji, will you dare to join his game? Tap on Jikikaeru in Town to bet on a team!

Event period: September 11th 11:00 – September 14th 23:00 EST

The deadline for claiming your rewards is September 17th 23:00 EST. Remember to collect all of your rewards before the deadline, as the event interface will not be accessible after the event ends.

5. Updates on Co-op Duel!

※New Battle Rules: 

- For each battle, each player needs to select 6 unduplicated shikigami: 3 Battle Shikigami and 3 Backup Shikigami. Backup Shikigami may replace Battle Shikigami during battle.

※Adjusted the matchmaking and scoring mechanism. Removed the restriction of level and score difference in team-up.

※Tier-buffer will be applied to players who achieved Tier 4, Tier 6 and Tier 8 each week (they will not go to lower tier until the end of the week)

※Rules for Tier 1 is consistent with Duel: Players with Co-op Duel Score below 1,000 will no longer lose points from a Co-op Duel defeat. Players with Co-op Duel Score over 1,000 are eligible to receive the Tier 1 weekly rewards

※Availability time has been changed to everyday at 20:00 to 23:00 EST

※After maintenance on Sep 11th, Co-op Duel Score will be reset to 1000 for every Onmyoji (only this once), and will revert to normal scoring mechanism after this week.

※For more details, please refer to the Co-op Duel tips in game.

※We will continually pay close attention to Onmyojis' feedback and improve the Co-op Duel accordingly.

6. Limited Packs On Sale!

※Daily Summon Pack I

Price:10 S-Jade
What it contains:Mystery Amulet ×1, Grade 2 Moon×1, Coins ×5000
Limited purchase time:After maintenance on Sep 11 - Sep 17th 23:59 EST 
purchase limit: 1 per day

※Daily Summon Pack II

Price:20 S-Jade
What it contains:Mystery Amulet ×2, Grade Daruma×1, Sakuramochi ×10
Limited purchase time:After maintenance on Sep 11 - Sep 17th 23:59 EST 
purchase limit: 1 per day

※Special Soul Pack

Price:50 S-Jade
What it contains:Grade-5 Seductress Full Set ×1, Grade 5 Cyan Imp ×5
Limited purchase time:After maintenance on Sep 11 - Sep 24th 23:59 EST 
purchase limit: 1 per account

7. Night Blossom

Song of bell resonates in the clear dark sky. A cool breeze blows, the cherry blossom petals scatter in the air. Under the cold blue moonlight, Miketsu gently sits on her fox, spreading her blessings to the mortal world.

After the update on September 11th, Miketsu’s “Night Blossom” will be available for purchase in skin store with a 20% off discount during the first week!

8. White Serpent

As the curtain of night falls, the figure in white robe becomes the only light in the dark. With a skeleton head on the waist, white snakes from sleeves, the fierce scarlet eyes of Orochi as if telling he shall erase all the enemy on his way.

After the update on September 11th, Orochi’s skin “White Serpent” will be available for purchase in skin store with a 20% off discount during the first week!


1. Adjustment has been made on the “Come on SSR” Event (for beginner only), now beginners can obtain one of the following shikigami from “Come on SSR”: Shuten Doji, Ootengu, Ibaraki Doji, Hana, Kaguya, Susabi, Tamamonomae, Higanbana.

Players who have completed “Come on SSR” before the update on Sep 11th will receive a Mystery Amulets and 10x Skill Daruma shards.


- The Mystery Amulets and 10x Skill Daruma shards will be sent to players in 1 day after maintenance via mails.
- The mails will be valid for 15days.

2. Adjusted the UI in courtyard: the “Collection” has been moved from courtyard to Town.
3. Added a function to allow players to adjust the order of their pre-set lineups.
4. Moderately increased the efficiency of players earning Honor in the Celebrity Tier.
5. When players tap and hold a Soul on the Soul-releasing page to select multiple Souls, Souls of different grades will no longer be selected.
6. Iterated on the text display in the chat box in the chat channel and the downloaded emoji manage icon display.

Fixed Issues
1. Fixed the display error in the recommendation list in Mentor's Guidance.
2. Fixed the incorrect skill icon position with Kujira when he's affected by an enemy Vengeful Hannya's Deep-rooted Grudge.
3. Fixed the issue where, when a player leaves and rejoins a guild, his/her total Feats record is sometimes lost.
4. Fixed the progress bar display errors on the Battle Stats page.
5. Fixed the issue where, when Hako Shoujo uses Retrace to protect Shiranui, the protection sometimes prevents Shiranui from entering the Silhouette of Sorrow state normally.
6. Fixed the issue where the 4-piece Set Effect of Tree Nymph still triggers in battle when no actual damage is dealt.
7. Fixed the issue where, when a shikigami is affected by both Vengeful Hannya's Deep-rooted Grudge and Otakemaru's Unlimited Blade Prison, the two effects would cause the shikigami to lose all their Soul effects and passive skills indefinitely.