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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on Sep 25th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later, or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Important Updates

1. SP Waverider Lord Arakawa Summon Event

Dear Onmyoji, to welcome SP Waverider Lord Arakawa arriving in Heian Kyo, we will be holding an Summoning event!

Summon Event period: After the maintenance on September 25th – October 1st 23:59 EST

Event details:

- When summoning using Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets during the event, the appearance rate for SP/SSR Shikigami will be 2.5 times the normal rate. The summon rate will revert to the normal rate after the player successfully summons 3 SP/SSR Shikigami.

- During the event, the chances of SP Waverider Lord Arakawa appearing when an SP/SSR Shikigami is summoned will increase according to the number of times summon is performed. Please note that the player will no longer benefit from this chance up after SP Waverider Lord Arakawa has been summoned for the first time.

- Players who have completed their SSR collection before the update on September 25th, the chances of SP Waverider Lord Arakawa appearing when an SP/SSR Shikigami is summoned will be initially 10%, and this chance will continue to increase as the players continue to summon, ultimately reaching 100% at 500 summons.

- Players who have not completed their SSR Collection before the update on September 25th, the chances of SP Waverider Lord Arakawa appearing when an SP/SSR Shikigami is summoned will have a maximum of 15%.

- Players who summon for a specific amount of time during the event will receive corresponding rewards, including SR Shikigami “Kanihime”, Mystery Amulets, Skill Daruma, Skin Tokens, Jade, “SR Choice”, and more.

2. Waverider Lord Arakawa Memory Scroll

Waves crash while the battle ensues upon the surface. Standing upon the waves, he single-handedly fends off hordes of enemies to protect his land and his people.

Dear Onmyoji, repair the memory scroll and witness the battle of Arakawa!

Event period: After the update on September 25th – October 16th 23:59 EST

How to play:

- Players can obtain scroll shards by participating in various activities in the game. - Donate scroll shards to help repair the memory scrolls. Players will obtain a random reward for every donation.

- After a memory scroll has been fully repaired, players will receive corresponding rewards according to their donation ranking.

- For each memory scroll, players rank 200 or higher will receive SP Waverider Lord Arakawa shards,. Players rank 500 or higher will receive the“Roaring Waves" animated frame.

- After all memory scrolls have been repaired, players can no longer obtain or donate scroll shards.

3. Battle of Arakawa

Commanding the waves alongside his fearful army, Otakemaru invades the waters of Arakawa River, wreaking havoc as he passes through locations such as Akakumo, Kingan, Aouna and Kikushima.

Dedicated to protecting his land and his people at all costs, Waverider Lord Arakawa puts on his armor, preparing for a bloody battle.

Dear Onmyoji, please help fend off the invaders of Arakawa River!

Time: After the update on September 25th - October 1st 23:59 EST

Event details:

- When participating in the battle against the demonships, the highest damage dealt in a single battle, on each day, will be recorded as that day's score. These daily scores add up to the total score for the event.

- After the event has ended, players will be ranked according to their total score and receive corresponding rewards.

- Players who fend off the demonship at each area for the first time will receive a reward for that area.

- Players can also challenge "Wave zones" to earn "Sea Tokens", which can be used to redeem precious items such as Jade, Skill Daruma, and a Grade 6 Realm Card.

4. Adventure story “Sealand: Nobody”

Event Period: After the update on September 25th – October 8th 23:59 EST

During the event, players can access the event page by tapping on the Jizu Statue in the lobby → Event → Sealand: Nobody.

The event consists of 4 stages, the content of each stage will be unlocked on following dates:
1st stage: September 25th
2nd stage: September 27th
3rd and 4th Stage: October 1st

How to play:
- players have to collect event items by going through the story

- After players have collected 5 event items, they can redeem the reward in the final stage: AR Amulet*1 and have a chance to obtain an SP shikigami Waverider Lord Arakawa. (for the luckiest player!)

- Players who want to collect all the event items, please try out different choices in the story!

- Please fill in your correct digital game ID in the event page. Players who fill in their digital game ID incorrectly may have their save data lost and fail to receive their reward.

- Rewards will be issued from Oct 9th to Oct 10th.

5. Ebisu’s Boutique

Event period: After the update on Sep 25th – Oct 16th 23:59 EST

Event details:

- During the event, players can obtain Ebisu’s Fortune Shop exclusive frame “Dazzling Gold” by recharging in the game. Players will have a chance to obtain this exclusive frame again during future Ebisu’s Boutique events.

- Recharge to certain amounts to receive the “Moonlight” courtyard skin, Seimei's "Dark Seimei" skin and more!

- Players who have already received the rewards will be compensated as shown below.

“Moonlight” Courtyard skin → 1000 Jade

Seimei's "Dark Seimei" skin → "Lord of Kyoto" frame

Seimei's "Dark Seimei" skin + "Lord of Kyoto" frame → "Lord of Kyoto" frame (Gold Daruma version)

- Players who already have the "Lord of Kyoto" frame (Gold Daruma version) will gain the right to enter the Boutique, and receive 2 Boutique talismans instead!

6. Lotus Dream

Under the beautiful moonlight, accompanied by the lotus flowers, Tamamonomae drifts off to sleep. Dreaming of the past, and recalling days from long ago...

After the update on September 25th, Tamamonomae’s Premium skin “Lotus Dream” will be available in the skin store!

Skin details:

- Price: 128 S-Jade

- By equipping this Premium skin, Tamamonomae will have an exclusive motion and skill visual effect. Also, players who purchase this skin will receive the exclusive frame “Lotus Dream” as a reward.

- For further details, please refer to the in game information.

7. Seven Seas Voyager

It is a hot summer night in the Arakawa River, Lord Arakawa takes a walk on the shores and enjoys the night breeze. Lord Arakawa is careful not to wake up his people, as they sleep peacefully under his protection, to the soft lullaby of the river.

After the update on September 25th, Lord Arakawa's new skin "Seven Seas Voyager" will be available for purchase in skin store with a 20% off discount during the first week!

8. Lost Dream

From afar, the sound of a bell rings out through the air, while only a glimpse of a slim figure in a white skirt can be seen in the purple mist.

Surrounded by purple mist, Kiyohime holds white lilies, as if waiting for someone's return. The bell has rung once more. Perhaps it's trying to awaken Kiyohime from her dream of love?

After the update on September 25th, Kiyohime's new skin "Lost Dream" will be available for purchase in the skin store with a 20% off discount during the first week!


1. Fully upgraded chat channels

※ Added the new Group channel

- Moved the Group feature to chat channels.
- Adjusted the Group player limit to 200 players.
- Iterated on the avatars in Group.
- Added functions to Administrator.
- Added confirmation to Group invites.
- Added recommended Groups feature.
- Added report function to Group.

※ Added the Buddy channel to allow players to chat with their online friends. Players can choose to block the channel if they feel bothered by it.

※ Added notification function to tagging players. Players can tap and hold a player's avatar to tag that player and notify them of a message.

※ Improved the chat experience. When players switch scenarios while they're chatting, the chat box will remain fixed to the page.

※ Improved the message prompts of the Nearby channel. Players can see messages when they log in to the game.

2. Sharing the Merchant to the same player repeatedly no longer costs extra sharing attempts.

3. Improved the default display rules in some parts of the Collection.

4. Improved the display of special edition skins in the Skin Shop, added a reminder of the bonus Avatar Frame included.

5. Added the Bond requirement reminders to the Merchant.

Fixed Issues

1. Fixed issues in Co-op Duels

※ Fixed the issue where players could deploy Totems to battle.

※ Fixed the issue where Hiyoribou's revival effect would sometimes trigger incorrectly.

2. Fixed the display inconsistency in the descriptions of Kainin, Azurestorm Ichimokuren, and Sesshomaru's skills after they've evolved.

3. Fixed some of the missing special effects on SP shikigami avatars on the guild Make Wish page.

4. Fixed the issue with Shiranui where, after entering the Silhouette of Sorrow state while an enemy Vengeful Hannya's Sealing Field was active, the icon of her passive skill Song of Sorrow would be displayed incorrectly.

5. Fixed the issue with Kujira where, when he was battling in the Orochi of the Maidens: Moans zone, the orb reduction effect would fail to trigger correctly.