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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on Oct 16th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Important Updates

1. SP Blazing Tamamonomae, SSR Takiyashahime Assembly Event!

Dear Onmyoji, to welcome SP Blazing Tamamonomae and SSR Takiyashahime arriving in Heian Kyo, we will be holding an Assembly event!

Assembly period: October 19th 0:00 – October 22nd 23:59 EST

- During the assembly period, players can watch the story and claim rewards on the summon page each day.

- Players can get rewards when a certain number of players have assembled.

2. The Castle of The Sun – Prologue

Glowing like the sun, an old castle appears within the sea mist. According to the legends, the ship’s destination is the land of the “Divine Artifact.” When the mist fades, what truth will be revealed?

Event period: October 20th, 18:00 – before the update on October 23rd EST

The whereabouts of the Sealand army remains unknown. Seimei understands that only by using the “Divine Artifact”, can they stand against the enemy. However, little did they know what surprise laid in wait for them...

3. Scarlet Beauty

Underneath the starry sky, the waves reflect the glow of falling embers. Serving as a prelude to her performance, Shiranui elegantly walks on stage accompanied by an enchanting melody.

From the moon overhead to the calming sea surface below, everything is a part of her performance.

After the update on October 16th, Shiranui's new skin "Scarlet Beauty" will be added to the store, so don’t miss out!

Furthermore, this skin will be 40% off until the maintenance on October 30th, selling for 126 S-Jade only!

After the maintenance on October 30th, the skin will be sold for 210 S-Jade!

The skin "Scarlet Beauty" features the following:

-New actions and skill effects
-Exclusive frame "Scarlet Beauty"
-Exclusive voice and sound effects

4. Higanbana Realm Skin – Underworld River

Event period: After the update on October 16th – November 15th 23:59 EST

How to play:

- Players have a chance to obtain Realm Skin Puzzle Pieces from battles in the Soul zone, Evolution zone, Realm Raid and Exploration Zone.

- Puzzle pieces can be used to unlock the puzzle on the event page.

- Players can gift up to 3 Realm Skin shards to friends per day.

5. Reunion in Heian-Kyo

Event Time: After maintenance Oct 16th - Oct 22nd, 23:59 EST

Event details:

- During the event, players who meet the following requirements and log in the game will get the comeback rewards – 100% EXP bonus, 100% Coin bonus and Mystery Amulets!

1) The last login time before the event starts is 7 days ago.
2) The in-game level is not less than lv.15.

- For all players during the event, reaching 80 courage in Kimodameshi every day will grant a player one more Mystery Amulet!

6. Good luck doesn’t wait!

Not enough souls to get your Shikigami fully equipped? No worries, the Soul drop event is coming this weekend!

Time: October 19th 0:00 - October 20th 23:59 EST

How to play:

- During this event, you can choose the type of souls that drop in the Soul Zone.

- You can choose 4 types of souls. The same soul cannot be chosen more than once in any lineup. After you have selected a lineup, you can edit it at any time for free.

- Your selected lineup will be in effect for the first 200 challenges each day. After this, the soul lineup will return to normal.

7. Feathered Wanderer

The sound of rain echoes through the valley, as water droplets fall endlessly on an abandoned road. Only a feathered figure wearing a conical straw hat, with her hair in a long ponytail could be seen walking through.

Only Ubume can hear the faint sound of weeping masked by the pouring rain...

After the update on October 16th, Ubume's new skin "Feathered Wanderer" will be available for purchase in the skin store with a 20% off discount during the first week.


1. New UI, new graphic style. Everything's new!

※ Iterated on the UI of multiple zone pages, including: the Courtyard, the Guild, the Team-up page, the Shop, the Friends page, and more.

※ More detail improvements are waiting for you to explore!

New visuals and shikigami skill visual effects that will surely amaze all!

※ Improvements to multiple shikigami skill visual effects, including Ichimokuren, Ootengu, Ibaraki Doji, Yoto Hime, Aoandon, Shuten Doji, Enma, Lord Arakawa, and SR shikigami including Hakuro, Ubume, etc.

※ New skill visual effects are sure to bring new life to shikigami. Come and check out what's new!

※ Shuten Doji's Drunken Shanty skin and Ubume's Golden Crane, Craven Girl, and Daruma Raven skins are not yet improved in this update.

Neatly illustrated new scenes reveal all the details to you!

※ 7 battle scenes have had their quality improved in this update: Umbrella Sanctuary, Ocean Nirvana, Tranquil Forest, Goldfish Oasis, Underworld Expanse, Inferno Plane, and Peach Forest.

※ There are Easter eggs hidden in each scene waiting for players to discover!

2. Improvements to Group:

※ Messages in the Group channel now can be liked.

※ Fixed the issue where messages sometimes overflowed when players used the tagging feature in the channel.

※ Fixed the issue where the Bond prompt sometimes appeared twice.

※ Fixed the issue that led to a page crash when players create groups in Friends page.

3. Improved some of the message prompts from friends.

※ The notice message that appears when a friend obtains a rare shikigami via summoning of combining shards has now been moved to the News system on the top left of the Friends page from private chat. Likewise, blessings from friends are now also part of that system.

※ When players receive thank you gifts from granting a wish in their guilds, the notice messages will now go to Wish - Record in the Guild system.

4. Improved how EXP is calculated when feeding Souls. After the update, when players use Gluttony Ghoul and Souls to feed Souls, the EXP overflow will be greatly reduced.

5. Added a Request All option to the join guild request function to facilitate players joining guilds.

6. Improved the visuals of special edition skin card, added a Special tag.
7. Added new voice-over and exclusive bio for Tamamonomae's special edition Lotus Dream skin.
8. Improved the notice description on the Skin gifting page.
9. Fixed the shikigami position next to the table in the Courtyard in the summer themed skin, to prevent them from blocking the pet.

Fixed Issues

1. Fixed the issue where, when a target was banished by Otakemaru's Unlimited Blade Prison skill, the target could still be affected by Waverider Lord Arakawa's River's Fury skill.

2. Fixed the issue with Kikyo's Soul Barrier skill, where the barrier would disappear after the second attack granted by Shiranui's Blazing Sky effect.

3. Fixed the issue with Kujira's Whale Bone: Station skill where it could be triggered during an enemy's counter-attack.

4. Fixed the issue where the Graceful Agility skill icon was prompted when Chocho was KO'd.

5. Fixed the issue with Ushi no Toki's Cursed Fire skill where it could be activated even when Ushi no Toki was KO'd.