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Dear Onmyoji,


In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on Oct 23rd. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later, or the game login page after the maintenance.


During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!


Important Updates


  1. SSR Takiyashahime, SP Blazing Tamamonomae Summon event!


Summon period: After the update on October 23rd – October 29th 23:59 EST


Event details:


All SP/SSR Shikigami chance up

- During the event, the appearance rate for SP/SSR Shikigami will be 2.5 times the normal rate. The summon rate will revert to the normal rate after the player successfully summons 3 SP/SSR Shikigami.


Uncollected SP/SSR Shikigami


- The first SP/SSR Shikigami summoned during the event is guaranteed to be a Shikigami the player has not previously owned!


SSR Takiyashahime & SP Blazing Tamamonomae specific chance up


- During the event, after the player has benefited from the “Uncollected SP/SSR Shikigami” effect, when summoning using Mystery Amulets, Jade, or AR Amulets, the rate to obtain SSR Shikigami Takiyashahime or SP Shikigami Blazing Tamamonomae when an SP/SSR Shikigami appears will increase according to the number of times summon is performed!


- For players who do not have these two Shikigami, they can switch the rate up between these two Shikigami. Please note that after SSR Takiyashahime or SP Shikigami Blazing Tamamonomae is summoned, players can no longer benefit from the rate up for Takiyashahime or Blazing Tamamonomae.


- For players who have completed their SSR collection before the update on October 23rd, the appearance rate for SSR Takiyashahime/SP Blazing Tamamonomae when an SP/SSR Shikigami is summoned will initially be 15%, and will continue to increase as the players continue to summon, ultimately reaching 100% at 500 summons.


- For other players, the appearance rate for SSR Takiyashahime/SP Blazing Tamamonomae when an SP/SSR Shikigami is summoned will continually increase from 4%, up to a maximum of 20% when the player has performed 500 summons.


Stage Rewards


- During the event, when the number of summons reaches a certain amount, players can receive corresponding stage rewards, including Mystery Amulets, Skill Daruma, Skin Tokens, Jade, “SR Choice” etc.




- The summon events above only apply to players who are lvl 15 or higher.


- If the player doesn't have SSR Takiyashahime or SP Blazing Tamamonomae, and the specific rate up has not been used yet, players can freely choose and switch which one of them receives a rate up. Switching will not reset the progress of the accumulated rate up. If only one of the two Shikigami is not obtained, the rate up is only applied to the Shikigami that has not been obtained.


- If players already have both SSR Takiyashahime and SP Blazing Tamamonomae before the specific rate up is used, they can choose and switch the rate up between the two Shikigami.


- Only Shikigami that are lit up in the SSR Shikigami Collection will be counted for completion. (Ryomen and Crossover Characters excluded)


  1. SSR Takiyashahime, SP Blazing Tamamonomae Memory Scroll Event!


Event period: After the update on October 23rd November 12th 23:59 EST


How to play:


- Players can obtain scroll shards by participating in various activities in the game.


- Donate scroll shards to help repair the memory scrolls. Players will obtain a random reward for every donation.


- After a memory scroll has been fully repaired, players will receive corresponding rewards according to their donation ranking.


- For each memory scroll, players rank 200 or higher will receive SSR Takiyashahime shards or SP Blazing Tamamonomae shards. Players rank 500 or higher will receive the “Moon-embraced Fox" Frame.


- After all memory scrolls have been repaired, players can no longer obtain or donate scroll shards.


  1. The Castle of The Sun


The whereabouts of the Sealand army remains unknown. Seimei understands that only by using the “Divine Artifact”, can they stand against the enemy. However, little did they know what surprise laid in wait them...


After hearing Takiyashahime's story, Seimei and his party knows the only way to break out of the endless loop is to defeat Himiko.


Event period: After the update on October 23rd October 29th 22:59 EST


- During the event, players will stay in Watchtower, which includes various game modes. By participating in different activities, players can receive corresponding rewards! Please feel free to explore “Watchtower”.


The Castle of the Sun


- During the event, players can enter the Castle of the Sun by spending “Key of Karma”. Through making a series of choices, explore the old castle, try to unfold the truth and collect the artifacts that have the power to warp time!


Sonata Sanctum


- Sonata Sanctum is where Takiyashahime rests. Special items collected in the castle can be used here to recover the power of Takiyashahime, while also granting rewards to the player.


Realm of Karma


- During the event, players can spend “Rewinding Jade” and AP to battle in the Realm of Karma. Each battle in the Realm of Karma grants players rewards, including abundant EXP, coins, souls and Evo materials. As the player proceeds, the rewards and battle difficulty also increase accordingly.




- During the event, 16 Shikigami will each lead a team and fight for the crown in a tournament. Please note that the stat and the equipped souls of the Shikigami in “Arena” are fixed during the event.


Fallen Sun


After Takiyashahime regains her power, Seimei and his party can access “Sun Fortress” and prepare for the battle with Himiko.


Challenge Period: October 26th 9:00 October 29th 23:59 EST


- Players can challenge Himiko through “Watchtower”→ “Fallen Sun”.


- The ranking system will not be applied to this event. After players defeat Himiko together, the right to redeem SP/SSR summoning scroll in the event shop will be unlocked.


Time Treasury


Event time: After the update on October 23rd November 9th 23:59 EST


- During the event, players can redeem various rare items by using the items obtained from different game modes in the Castle of the Sun.


  1. Atop the Peak


※ Event Time: After maintenance on October 23rd to 23:59 on Nov 1st


※ All players who purchased the Atop the Peak event pack will be counted towards the Climbing Players.


※ The more Climbing Players there are, the higher Seimei would reach in the event page.


※ When reaching special spots along the mountain, all players will receive rich rewards.


※ When reaching the peak, all players who purchased the pack can claim extra Furoshiki rewards.


Fixed Issues


Fixed language and technical bugs