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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on Nov 13th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later, or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Important Updates

1. War of Mount. Oe
The fire of vengeance, conviction and death are flowing under the tidal wave. The sad songs of fate are ushered in a strong chapter. Different forces have been involved in the fight. Strategists and warriors have been gathered in Mt. Oe.
After the update on November 13th, War of Mount. Oe will begin.
The first phase of this epic battle will begin after the update on November 13th, and will last until November 18th, 23:59 EST.
During this period, players can challenge "Sealand Defense" by tapping on the Minamoto Clan or the Demonship, and enter the "Asura Battlefield".
Also during this period, players can participate in "Battle of Armies" between 9:00- 12:00 and 20:00 - 23:00 EST of each day.
※The event will enter the "Demon Throne Showdown" phase on November 19th.
※During the event, players can rewatch the story by tapping on "battle reports" → "battle results" and selecting the story segment they wish to watch.
※There will be pickets monitoring the battlefield out of battle time.
Event details:
【Asura Battlefield】:
- There are 4 difficulty levels in "Asura Battlefield". Clearing different levels will reward the player with different "Forging Materials".
- "Forging Materials" can be used in "Minamoto Armory" to upgrade weapons or refresh the stats of weapons. They can be used to support allies in "Battle of Armies" as well.
- Players can also obtain Karatamba Sake, Souls, Evo materials, etc. by challenging Asura Battlefield.
- Players can redeem various items by using Karatamba Sake in the Mt. Oe Treasury.
【Sealand Defense】:
- Battles have a time limit of 3 minutes, and will end when the time is up or the player's team is defeated.
- After the battle, players will receive a score based on their performance.
- The highest score achieved each day will be added to the player's total score for the event, and rewards will be presented to players based on their Score Ranking after the event.
【Battle of Armies】:
- During the event, not only can players attack the enemy, but also support their allies by using "Forging Materials".
- Also, players can complete "strategic objectives" to increase the damage dealt by all players during the "Demon Throne Showdown" phase. Players who have participated in the battle will also be randomly chosen to receive additional rewards.
【Demon Throne Showdown】:
Challenge Time: From November 19th, 0:00 until all of Otakemaru's generals have been defeated.
- The damage dealt by players will increase according to the number of "strategic objectives" completed during the first phase.
- The battle lasts 5 minutes and ends when the time is up or the player's team is defeated. After the battle, players will receive a score based on their performance, as well as "Karatamba Sake". The score achieved during this phase will not be counted towards the ranking.
- When Otakemaru's HP drops below 50%, Demoniac Shuten Doji will join the battle and fight alongside the player. After this, Demoniac Shuten Doji will become available through summoning!
- When Otakemaru's HP drops below 10% for the first time, Otakemaru will enter Furious rage. If players can defeat all of his generals within 120 minutes, all players will receive a special frame "Demon Throne Showdown" as a reward. However, if players fail to defeat the enemies in time, Otakemaru will trigger the power of "Jade of Yasakani" and his HP will recover to the 10% mark.
- Once Otakemaru has triggered the power of "Jade of Yasakani" once, it will no longer trigger. However, even if players defeat Otakemaru after this, they will not receive the special frame.
Onmyoji, please stand together with the armies of Mt. Oe and the Minamoto clan to fend off Otakemaru's Sealand army!
Note: After the battle with Otakemaru has ended, players will still be able to access the event page to redeem rewards up until November 26th, 23:59 EST. Please remember to claim your rewards by then!
2. Frost Summon event!
We have scheduled a summon event for the arrival of the new SR Shikigami Kamimai (VA: Sumire Uesaka) !
Event time: After the update on November 13th - November 19th, 23:59 EST
During the event, when summoning with Jade, Mystery Amulets or AR Amulets, if an SR Shikigami is summoned, the chances of Kamimai appearing will increase to 25%! (The increase only applies for the first 5 SR Shikigami.)
Note: This event only applies to all Onmyoji of level 15 or above.
3. Ebisu's Boutique
Event period: After the update on November 13th - December 3th 23:59 EST
Event details:
- During the event, players can obtain Ebisu's Fortune Shop exclusive frame "Dazzling Gold" by recharging in the game. Players will have a chance to obtain this exclusive frame again during future Ebisu's Boutique events. And if players receive the frame more than once, the frame will be upgraded!
- Recharge to certain amounts to receive the "Moonlight" courtyard skin, Seimei's "Dark Seimei" skin and more!
- Players who have already received the rewards will be compensated as shown below.
Surplus "Moonlight" Courtyard skin → 1000 Jade
Surplus Seimei's "Dark Seimei" skin → "Lord of Kyoto" frame
Surplus "Lord of Kyoto" frame → "Lord of Kyoto" frame (Gold Daruma version)
Surplus "Lord of Kyoto" frame (Gold Daruma version) → the right to enter the Boutique, and 2 Boutique talismans instead!
4. Drunken Melody
"My blood is boiling for battle. As the most powerful demon, my limit is the sky! "
After the update on November 13th, Shuten Doji's new special skin "Drunken Melody" will be available in the Skin Store. The new special skin will be sold with a 40% discount, selling for only 126 s-jades for the first two weeks.
After the maintenance on November 27th, the selling price will get back to 210 s-jades.
The skin "Drunken Melody" features the following:
New actions and skill effects
Exclusive frame
Exclusive voice and sound effects
5. New Accessories and Skill-casting Effects added!
※ Added new bio stories to some of the shikigamis. Updated in this patch: Ibaraki Doji, Onikiri, Shuten Doji, Yamakaze, Yuki, Yoto Hime, and Ichimokuren... More fascinating shikigami stories are being brewed up. Stay tuned.
※ When players unlock shikigamis' new bios, they will also unlock new Accessories/Skill-casting Effects. Players can freely change the look of their shikigami by changing their weapons and accessories, and change the display actions of their shikigami by changing their Skill-casting Effects. More features will become available in the future.
※ Unlocking new bios require players to raise their Affection level with their shikigami. Send gifts on the Bios page to add Affection points. New bios will be unlocked when the Affection requirements are met. 
※ Ryomen's Thunder Daredevil skin, Yamakaze's Blazin' Will skin, and Susabi's Summer Night Sky skin and Golden Shrine skin now support Accessories and Skill-casting Effects.
※ Accessories are not yet supported for Ibaraki Doji's Winter Bamboo skin and Hellfire Warlord skin, Shuten Doji's Drunken Melody skin, and Onikiri's Flaming Banner skin. The Accessories will be added in later updates.
6. Maple Dance
The maple forest is aflame with the colors of autumn, while a gentle breeze creates a beautiful melody. Stepping through the rustling fallen leaves, the slender figure of a woman slowly fades away in this world of red and yellow.
After the update on November 13th, Momiji's new skin "Maple Dance" will be added to the lineup in the Skin Store, with a 20% off discount during the first two weeks!
7. Martyr Warrioress
A shrill wail suddenly breaks the silence, and in the darkness the ghost fires emit a dim glow.
Wrapped up in bandages, the lady in purple holds a blade in hand, standing in this forgotten place.
The lives of all those that dare draw near shall be extinguished…
After the update on November 13th, Hone Onna's new skin "Martyr Warrioress" will be added to the lineup in the Skin Store, with a 20% off discount during the first two weeks.


1. Iterated the display style of the top-page resource bar to make them look consistent across pages.
2. Improved players experience when they review stories via Retrospect. Players will no longer return to the main page when they complete a chapter, they will now return to the scroll page.
3. Improved the position of the Soul details window, which is prompted when tapping on a Soul on the left in the Soul Feed page, thus preventing it from blocking other Souls.
4. Changed the color of Co-op Quests in the Wanted Quests page to red.
5. Added a second confirmation to the Request All option to the join guild request function to prevent players from accidentally operating it.
6. Added a progress display to Login: Blessing achievement series.
7. Corrected the incorrect text in the claiming window that pops up when players claim the free Soul Bonus and Evo Bonus granted on weekends.

Fixed Issues

1. Fixed the display error on the Mentor reservation page in Mentor's Guidance.
2. Fixed the issue where players cannot complete Accompany quests if they didn't open the Group Quests page on the day they joined a new guild.
3. Fixed the issue where Shiranui can sometimes be KO'd immediately when she takes lethal damage, without entering her Silhouette of Sorrow state.
4. Fixed the issue when Shiranui is in her Silhouette of Sorrow state where she can deal damage to units protected by Seimei's Spell: Protect.
5. Fixed the issue on multiple shikigami, namely Otakemaru and Hannya, where their follow-up normal attacks granted by Blazing Sky field are aimed at a new target.
6. Fixed the rare issue where a Blade Prison is not ended early when the only unit a player has is a unit Banished by Unlimited Blade Prison.
7. Fixed the issue when multiple Otakemaru are in a lineup in Co-op Duel where they can use the Unlimited Blade Prison skill respectively.
8. Fixed a bug regarding Azurestorm Ichimokuren's Wind Amulet: Shield where the skill cooldown is triggered even when Azurestorm Ichimokuren failed to use Wind Shield due to being under a controlling effect.
9. Fixed the occasional display error of the default minimized prompt that appears when players are queuing.
10. Fixed the issue where the Friends donation sub-page is not timely refreshed when players switch to the page to view their donation record in the guild Wish page.
11. Increased the Duel Reserve Lineup capacity from 50 to 100. Fixed the issue where some grade 6 shikigami are listed at the bottom of the selection area on the left.
12. Fixed the issue where the players' avatar frames are sometimes obscured on the Page screen.