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Dear Onmyoji,

In order to bring you a better gaming experience, the server will be shut down for maintenance from 2:00 - 6:00 EST on Apr 8th. If it is not completed on time, the opening time will be postponed. For details regarding the update, please check the update announcement which will be posted later, or the game login page after the maintenance.

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to access the game from the server. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your support and understanding!

Important Updates

1. Sakura Tales

Event time: After the update on April 8th - April 19th 23:59 EST.

How to Play:

1. During the event try to clear battles in the Exploration Zone, Evo Zone and Soul Zones for a chance to obtain Sakura Coins from battle drops. Up to 200 Sakura Coins can be obtained per day. (Note that Sougenbi, Fallen Sun and Ultimate Orochi are not included).

2. Obtain 80 Talisman EXP from daily quests and receive 50 Sakura Coins as a reward.

Event shop opening times: After the update on April 8th - April 26th 23:59 EST.


1. Sakura Coins can be used in the Tales Shop for Memory Shard, an item which can be used in the event. Piece together the Memory Shard on your scrapbooks to create a story and obtain rewards.

2. After collecting all Memory Shards, players can redeem other items from the event shop, including Youko's new skin "Gilded Charm". "Gilded Charm" can not be obtained by any other means before 2021, so do not miss out!

2. Spring Talisman Pass (April)

Event time: After the update on April 8th - May 13th EST.

Onmyoji can complete different missions to increase their Talisman level.

As the Talisman level increases, Onmyoji can obtain various rewards.

Purchase the Deluxe Talisman to unlock bonus rewards such as Shiranui's skin "Dazzling Dancer"!

Note: The Talisman Pass 20% Off Voucher obtained from the Talisman Pass the last month will be automatically used when purchasing the Deluxe Talisman. This reduces the price for the Classic Chest and Premium Chests to 40 S-jade and 92 S-jade respectively.

3. Duel Improvements

※ Introducing the Grading Match feature

Once Grading Matches are available, players who have previously reached 2,400 Duel points will be eligible to take part if their current Duel Score is below 1,200, allowing them to quickly raise their tier through Grading Match battles.

A Grading Match consists of 3 battles. Your tier is decided based on the results of these battles.

Each player can only take part in 1 Grading Match every 30 days.

※ Duel matching system improved

We've improved the matching system to better match players of similar skill levels.

※ Support Tickets withdrawn

After maintenance, all Support Tickets will be converted into Coins by the system and directly added to players' total Coins.

You can now support teams using the revamped Support Tickets that are available for purchase in the Shop > General Shop.

※ Bid-placing window adjusted: When both teams have finished deploying their units, the SPD of both teams' shikigami will be displayed for 15 seconds. You can bet on teams during this period. You can no longer place your bids on teams once the battle has started.

4. New System: Gift Envelope

※ Players can access to the Gift Envelopes Page from the Guild channel

※ Players activate Gift Envelopes when recharging S-Jade in the game

※ Gift Envelopes include the Blossom Gift Envelope, the Sakura Gift Envelope and the Royal Gift Envelope. The amount of Gift Envelopes is based on players’ recharge progress.

※ When a Gift Envelope is activated, players can issue it in the Guild channel by setting claiming requirements

※ Issuing Gift Envelopes unlocks at Lv. 20.

※ Each player can claim each type of the Gift Envelope once. Claiming Gift Envelopes grants a random amount of Jade. The higher the grade of a Gift Envelope, the more Jade it contains.

※ For more details, please refer to the in-game information.

5. Playful Cats

The seven masks turn into cats with a wide range of emotions and they circle around the girl, joyfully and playfully.

It has been a long time since she smiled, but she seems to be enjoying the masks' company this time.

Menreiki's new skin "Playful Cat” will be available in the Skin Store after the update on April 8th with a 20% discount for the first two weeks!

6. Sunny Spring

Under a bright sky, a butterfly flaps its wings in the gentle breeze, fluttering between branches showing the coming of Spring.

The earth readies itself for Winter's dawn.

Chocho's upcoming new skin " Sunny Spring " will be available in the Skin Store after the update on April 8th with a 20% discount for the first two weeks!


1. Modified the timing of the dance Shiranui sometimes performs when her Sparkling Flame Realm is active. Now, she performs her dance at the same time as the additional normal attack is launched. If she herself uses a normal attack or is unable to take any action when it's her turn, her dance performance won't be displayed.

2. Modified the way skill-casting works for Kaoru, Oitsuki, and Tenjo-kudari in Auto mode: if you have no other allies left on the battlefield, they will use normal attack as their preferred attack.

3. Modified the criteria that will trigger the Sakuramochi Paper Doll to stop after a defeat in battle. The paper doll will now only stop if the leader of a team is defeated twice in a row in the same team mode.

4. Improved the pre-battle deployment screen and operations:

※ When you drag a shikigami card, a glowing aura will appear underneath that shikigami's model on the battlefield so you can easily find them.

※ You can now adjust the position of your shikigami in the pre-battle deployment screen by dragging the models of your deployed shikigami around.

Fixed Issues

1. Fixed Issues with Enmusubi:

※ We fixed an issue with the Move Bar-lowering effect of Enmusubi's Divine Power, where it was incorrectly applied even after a round was over.

※ We fixed the issue where some of the matches players formed weren't counted toward the number required to unlock Enmusubi's third Bio.

※ Fixed the issue causing monsters on the player's side to incorrectly receive a Knot.

2. Fixed the issue where Onikiri Reforged's HP recovery effect was not triggered correctly when he took critical damage from Seawatch Kingyo's Fishtail Embrace effect.

3. Fixed an issue with the SSR shikigami Orochi, where his third Bio lacked a progress slider.

4. Fixed an issue where players' Duel Scores would display different results on the Duel page and the guild members list page.

5. Fixed an issue in the Area Boss zone where the rankings would sometimes show incorrect results.

6. Fixed an issue in the Area Boss zone that caused shikigami positions to change when the player started a battle.

Shikigami Improvement

1. Itsumade

※ Effects added to the Dance of the Wind skill: If the target is inflicted with Golden Feather, she launches an additional attack for each layer of Golden Feather on her and her target. She can inflict up to 4 attacks in total.

※ Golden Feather skill effects improvement: At the start of her turn, she gains 1-3 layers of Golden Feather. When she takes damage, she transfers 1 layer onto the damage dealer (stackable up to 3 layers). When she's KO'd, each enemy with Golden Feather takes damage equal to 40% of her ATK for each layer of Golden Feather on them, consuming all layers.

※ Golden Feather status effects improved: When inflicted on an enemy, 1, 2, and 3 layers inflict 6%, 18%, and 36% Damage Down and Vulnerability respectively.

Level-up effects improved:

Lv. 2: Golden Feather's Damage Down and Vulnerability effects increased to 7%, 21% and 42% respectively.

Lv. 3: Golden Feather's Damage Down and Vulnerability effects increased to 8%, 24% and 48% respectively.

Lv. 4: Golden Feather's Damage Down and Vulnerability effects increased to 9%, 27% and 54% respectively.

Lv. 5: Golden Feather's Damage Down and Vulnerability effects increased to 10%, 30% and 60% respectively.

※ Feather Dance skill effects improved: She rises into the air and dives into the enemy's lineup to land an attack, dealing damage equal to 60% of her ATK. For each layer of Golden Feather she has, she inflicts additional damage equal to 36% of her ATK on them. On each enemy with Golden Feather, she inflicts additional damage equal to 40% of her ATK for each layer of Golden Feather on them, consuming all layers.

Level-up effects improved:

Lv. 2: Damage of the first attack increased to 63%.

Lv. 3: Damage of the first attack increased to 66%.

Lv. 4: Damage of the first attack increased to 69%.

Lv. 5: Damage of the first attack increased to 72%.

2. Dodomeki

※ Effects added to the Evil Light skill: Dodomeki deals indirect damage equal to 211% of her ATK to them (this part remains unchanged), as well as additional indirect damage equal to 8% of their max HP (increased by 100% for each Evil Light the enemy team has, up to 600% of her ATK). After this, Gaze is removed from all enemies.

3. Chocho

※ Effects added to the Lv. 5 effects of the Graceful Agility skill: If she gains 4 buffs from Graceful Agility, her Dance of Hope's orb cost is reduced by 2.

※ Dance of Hope skill effects improvement: Dispels 3 buffs and/or controlling effects on 1 ally, and restores their HP by 30% of her max HP. If there is excess HP after they are fully healed, a shield is created to protect the ally. The shield absorbs damage equal to 5% of her max HP and lasts 2 turns. After this, the ally gains Butterfly Dance for 3 turns.

Level-up effects improved:

Lv. 2: Healing is increased to 31% and Butterfly Dance's healing effect to 9% each time.

Lv. 3: Healing is increased to 33% and Butterfly Dance's healing effect to 10% each time.

Lv. 4: Healing is increased to 34% and Butterfly Dance's healing effect to 11% each time.

Lv. 5: Healing is increased to 36% and Butterfly Dance's healing effect to 12% each time.

※ Butterfly Dance status effect improved: it now increases SPD by 20 and heals HP by 8% of Chocho's max HP when damage is taken (can be triggered up to once each turn).

4. Shouzu

※ Effects added to the Unheard Counter skill: When dealing damage, gains Drizzle for 2 turns.

※ Drizzle: Increases Effect RES by 30% and SPD by 30. Water Circuit's orb cost is reduced by 1.

※Effects added to the HP Connection status effect: When an ally takes critical damage, if they don't have Isolation, they lose HP Connection to block the damage. Increases an ally's damage dealt by 20% if it's not on their turn.